How to know you're readyfor an evocation

Hey guys,
I’m not new to magick (spells etc), yet new to evocations. Do you know a method to test your spirit vision before actually evoking a spirit? What does is actually mean to have working spiritual sight? I see auras and magickal energy ( circle and pentagrams in the LBRP for instance. Thanks for your help guys.

Hey Tricky. Have you read Evoking Eternity? That’s probably the best book to answer your questions as I’m not exactly an expert in the field. But there is a great exercise to build that spirit vision of yours from that very same book.

(This is the super condensed version btw) Face west, light 2 white candles on your altar in front of you. Meditate down into theta/gamma sync and invoke omnipotence. Now open your eyes and set your gaze on the empty space between the candles.
In an authoritative voice call for the wandering spirits to stand before you.
Relax your gaze and you will begin to see with your third eye.
At first sense where they are, then other features of the spirit such as how it’s standing, how tall it is and later if possible what does it’s face look like? Eventually you can move onto asking what the spirit has to say.
This may take several sessions to achieve results.

I hope this helps mate. Good luck, let us know how you go.

Great answers from both of you. @ Ryan, thank you for the outline of this exercise, I’ll try it today! @ Sukujin, you def. got a point here! Diving in is necessary, since any amount of theory can ever replace actual practice.
Thanks guys…

How do you know? When you try it and it works.