How to know when a sigil ritual is complete?

I am currently attempting sigil casting and have more of a general question than anything specific to my ritual.

How do you know when a sigil is charged/fired off/embedded in the unconscious?

I have meditated while staring at a sigil, have seen the lines glow, disappear, float, and warp. This is usually where "how-to"s end. Once the sigil has reached this state, what (if any) are the next steps? Is there something I need to do once the sigil is glowing brightly?

Also, is there a difference between charging and firing off a sigil, or is it simply nomenclature?

I usually leave off when I cant concentrate any longer. Once I’ve put my all into it, and I know there isnt anything left to give I feel comfortable closing things up.

Once the sigil is opened, the easiest thing to do is usually to fold it up, and put it away. I usually say something symbolic as I seal it up, and then stop thinking about the ritual.

Charging and firing off are the same thing in most cases.

In the newsletter E.A. did for this, The 7 Steps For Using Spirit Sigils To Get Anything You Want, he lists verbalising your intent as the last step, speaking out loud what you want the spirit to do.

It’s not my main method, but when I’ve used spirit sigils I usually keep them in a notebook, envelope, or whatever, so put them in whatever storager place if you plan to keep them for a while, and then leave the room, go and do something to break the link - maybe do the washing up, make a cup of tea, or make something to eat.

Or, you can leave opened sigils around on your altar, or place them under your pillow for a really intense link, but probably best not to do that with a spirit you’ve never workewd with before, you have to trust them for that kind of thing and it can still be a bit overwhelming.