How to know when a chakra is open?

Today I tried something a bit different with my meditation and could feel something going on with my ajna chakra, which isn’t a first but it is the first time I specifically tried focusing on it during meditation. I plan to continue doing this but I was wondering how will I know when it’s finally open.

Intuition , if you have to ask maybe they’re not fully open , and y u will feel like the energy is flowing smoothly through it

I see. Do you know any good books on the subject?

Watch some YouTube, it’s not as complicated as you think

Your chakras are never closed.

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^ yea , they’re not closed , but the energy distribution is more than likely off , so meditate , crystals , change perception and mindset , rewire subconscious to heal and balance them

Work on energy manipulation, grounding as well. Your chakras purpose is to circulate your energy through your energy body, absorb and convert energy from around you to prana. They are capable of being stagnant from everyday things, as well as “old energy” as in stale energy that manages to not circulate well through the system. However, the major chakras aren’t to be focused on nor are the minor chakras. Your entire practice grounding, energy work, all improve the chakras.

Grounding and energy work, huh? Any good tutorials on YouTube you can reccomend?

I don’t know I don’t base my practice on YouTube videos, however, here’s something that may help.

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That looks helpful. Thank you.

Go to Robert Bruce’s website Astral Dynamics, and pick up his free Energy Work Primer (you’ll have to make an account) and it will give you a really good foundation.