How to know if you've upset a demon

So far I’ve had nothing but positive stuff from Decarabia but in the beggining I could feel him trying to sway me into blood pacts and giving up books and such, now for those that don’t know I’m an alchemist and have been going through the alchemical transmutation for the last year or so.
I’m in the albedo stage and to describe that, basically you’re mind is a blank slate. When you’re speaking there is no conceptualised self that is speaking. Therefore a lot of stuff randomly arises from the subconscious.
I was sitting one day thinking about the the behaviour i interpreted as coercion and out of my subconscious arose me kinda giving the finger (at least in regards to the coercive behaviour)
As a result had visions in my sleep of rotting corpses, starved women with jaws unhinged and their skulls turning inside out. Creepy shit etc. I had to call upon Gabriel to soften the blow.
In my heart of hearts I don’t want to offend Great Marquise Decarabia, never did. But I also don’t want to be some blind slave to his will.
I’ve read some posts where people offended demons (such as King Paimon) and they get night terrors but go on to have a good relationship with him after.
So, I’ve already apologised intensely and I’m still going to continue evoking him because i wish to be his student in shapeshifting and astral travel. Just wanted to ask if this is salvageable.


Could of things I wanted to ask/say.

First, are you sure it’s Decarabia?

Second, are you sure this isn’t a test to see if you’ll stand your ground?

Third, (if it is him) have you asked why he would have a problem with what you’re doing? Is the problem WHAT you’re doing, HOW you’re doing it, or both?

Lastly, it could be a combination of all the above. Truth is, you likely won’t understand until you communicate with him regarding the situation. Perhaps communicating with an additional trusted entity would help give context if it isn’t forth-coming.

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From my experiences working with demons of Goetia, this sort of “test” is to be expected in the early days of working with them. The demon will obey you and work with great wisdom and power if it believes you to be worthy of its service. These are mighty Dukes and Kings, not meddling imps. You must demonstrate that you are one who commands respect, not one who pleads for it or expects it to be given without good reason.


not every bitchy demon act is a “test” this is like saying your bf/gf is abusive because they love you :man_facepalming:

Anyway if you legit feel like you pissed the demon off you can divine it and see, and even if it’s a test, lay down some boundaries. Too many “practitioners” use that test shit as an okay to be abused.


I think if I really pissed it off there would be much worse things going on. Just before the visions, I don’t know if I’ve already said this, a random application jumped up on my computer (one that i’ve never seen) saying good morning. Why would a demon say good morning to you if he wants to torture the ever living shit out of you?

how to “divine” it?

is it known that Decarabia can appear in female form?
I’ve been seeing the entity as female so…

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Tarot, runes, any form of divination.

I’ve seen Leviathan and Vine (I think it was Vine) in female forms, so why not? I’ve asked Hecate if she has a male form and her reply was that she has some masculine energy (meaning she could if she chose to).

Well she is a titan goddess xD not uncommon for Titan and primordial Gods to have both and neither genders.

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Agreed. I was trying to explain that through an experience :slight_smile:

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