How to know if demon is listening?

Hey guys ive been here before i just totally forgot my password and email lol…
So overview of my situation.
I have made a pact with Lucifer earlier this month. Honestly having that mental battle between what i was taught and what i know now. I’ve recently had a breakup with my gf and we’ve been dating for 3.5 years and have been friends since 14( 24years old now). Have done a spell on her once before (it worked; my first one too) but i guess it has expired??
Anyways i feel like i needed something more so ive decided to contact Dantalion but then decided to contact Sallos since i think he would be better fitted for this… I’ve done a Sigil for both Dantalion and Sallos
Yesturday i decided to go to Devil’s Lake (State Park) and on the way there i felt this wierd mental voices talking. Saying i can have whatever i want, i can be who ever i choose, i felt my mind (not brain) expand almost like an open door or funnel into the top of my head. I started freaking out a bit since ive never had that happen. I tried playing some music but it was of no use i eventually calmed down once we got there. I had seen a black squirrel right in front of me( never seen one) and a few bald eagle’s screaming Freedom. (No but serious)…
While in the woods i saw a dark shadow move in my perifial. Idk if this is Dantalion or Sallos. But towards the end of my trip to the park on the lake as the sun set down. Everything got really really calm and my mind went blank! Never felt so peaceful.

I’ve been trying to contact sallos and dantalion for awhile and always wanted to know if they hear me or not. I usually don’t ever have the right tools or candles etc. But always do it with complete respect. I understand the mind alot which is probably why i decided to go to the left hand path. Anyone here can help me out to see what the hell happened?


Would really love some feedback!

In my opinion all spirits are always listening. But that’s just me and that’s about all I can help you with. Sorry.


Haha well thanks. Do you know from your experience how they communicate?

Many numbers of ways. Dreams, telepathic speach, other stimuli, emotional manipulation, and so on.


Did you offer something in return for them to help you? No such thing as a free lunch :smile: Duke Sallos likes alcohol…alot. As far as a spirit hearing, just figure that they do and let it go. If they decide to help you and your wish comes to pass, they will let you know that they are there. At least that is my experience when I first started working with them.


I have actually. But idk if they accepted it or not. If they haven’t; i really don’t know how to please a demon for helping me: theyre new being to me and really not sure what they want honestly… Is there something that they do want besides adoration and admiration?

Could you let me know what sallos did for you? And i plan on using acholoh tonight! Thanks for the tip… Should i just leave it for him in a cup?

I’ve invited sallos into a dream before but i didnt get any crazy dream or anything i just fell sound asleep… One of my other questions is when you invite them into your life for a relationship with them but they don’t respond what am i supposed to do as a human?

By the way i just the number 666 lol not sure if thats a good sign or not lololololol

Your best bet is to just be patient and to just be observant, sometimes spirits can be very subtle.

They tend to only “hit you over the head with a two by four” when your being completely oblivious to their signs. lol :smile:


That number has a bit of power because of all of the attention it has gotten. It being “good” or “bad”, that’s up to you. Remember “good” and “evil” is all a matter of perspective.


Usually they answer, but sometimes we can’t hear them… you should try automatic writing. Ask the spirit to possess you ask it the questions or whatever, it should answer…


I won’t not give any offerings yet. I would make my request and state what you will pay in return. Right now, you are paying for services not rendered. For example if you offer a shot of alcohol in return for what you ask of him, when it happens, then offer him the alcohol. For me, I do not just leave out my offerings. If it is alcohol, when I know he is present, I drink it. They can get the sensation of it through you. When you drink the alcohol, it will taste different, meaning that it is almost like water, it goes down that smooth.

Once you have a good working relationship with Duke Sallos or any other spirit, at that point you could do an offering without a request. Kind of like a thank you for being there. When I call upon a spirit or they just pop in, I always offer something to them. They are an invited guest and it is good manners to offer your guest something. This seems to work for me.

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I know this may sound over simplified, but you answered your own question, in a way. They can always hear you, but YOU have to KNOW they can. You said you address them respectfully, so on some level you already know they can hear you. Otherwise, why bother being respectful?

Also, you said the voice said:

It did not say you can have WHOever you want, though, did it? Magick cast on people we are emotionally connected to can either be extremely easy to manifest, or extremely hard. I avoid love magick for this reason. If I truly love someone I just can’t cast on them; any result which pleases me through bending their will is predicated on a lie, so how can I truly love them?