How to know if a spirit is a phony?

Alright after I evoked Lucifer have been talking to him through short questions and yes no’s and maybe’s through a pendulum
i’ve asked him multiple times if the spirit I’m talking to is The Lucifer and it has answered yes multiple times so I asked Lucifer if he can show me how he looks like through my dreams( as a way of confirmation) and he said no. but he said he can through websites and images

what do you guys think?

I just haven’t trained my astral senses to the point of understanding full sentences or hearing the messages in different voices other than my self.

I’m working on it.

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Go with your intuition. Lucifer comes in many forms but the most noticable would be a tall man with golden hair strong jaw. And a blue aura ( this was my experience. He came to @E.A as a child with a demons voice. Just use your best judgement if he was lucifer imo he would have no problem showing you in your dreams


Hay, by the way, does Lucifer like sweets? I was eating a cupcake earlier and asked if he wanted some and he said sure so I gave him one.

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He enjoys most pleasures we have. Why not ask him.


Yea I did I was just asking you for a confirmation you know.

No one likes wasting a perfectly good cupcake

I have offered him candy and he graciously accepted.

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When you do offer something consume it for him. He will appreciate that because through you he will enjoy the offer. This is the same principle of animal sacrafice where an animal is slain then eaten as not to be wasted


Yea just asked him he said I can eat it

Hell yea

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I swear this cupcake taste better than the other ones and it’s from the same bunch!

Well thats good. Thats how you offer foods.

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Now when you offer food in that way do you have to make more than normal? In other words there’s you and three other entities do you eat 4 plates of food or one very large plate? How would one work out that scenario?

:thinking: i usally ask for a lesson in their field. If they have nothing of value to teach me that other practitioners have pointed to through research they may turn into a target.

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I would do small portions of food if there is many entities. So you can not overfill yourself

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This is the best way to offer I agree!!!

For some reason a spirit has to sign it’s own name, so work on your astral senses and then when you call him up next time or you’re on the astral with him, ask him to sign his name in the air before you.

Don’t use questions like, " Are you Lucifer?" any spirit can say yes to that. They also may answer in a riddle as well, but the best way is to ask them to sign their name astrally as they cannot sign a name other than their own.

Also as your senses develop, you’ll be able to sense their real energies besides what they’re showing you in your mind’s eye, and that will give you knowledge of the correct entity once you have been in their presence to get to know it, so another spirit can’t come along to fool you, because they’ll have a different energy signature and your intuition will let you know as well, as it develops.


He has many forms, he appeared to me as a Child with amber eyes once too…