How to know if a god has stopped working with you

Hi everyone!! Long time without stopping by … I guess too many responsibilities in worldly life.

I wanted to ask you something. I work with several gods and 2 in particular I have noticed for a long time as they are not there.

How could you know that a god has stopped working with you for whatever reason?

Honestly in the case of the goddess Kali, I think she has just closed a cycle. He was very present in my boyfriend’s illness and in the opening of my business to feel strong, maybe he was for that.

Well the point is that the last times I saw her in meditations, I saw her teaching Cailleach to me, making me dream of precious tombstones and I have not seen her again, nor does she answer my call or notice her presence.

I don’t know if I’m blocked or what happens. How can I know if an entity has decided to end the relationship?
Thank you very much!

Well relationships are evolving and maybe your vibrations changed. Besides the time is different in their realm. Maybe is a sign for you to start a new pathworking more attuned to your actual energy or vibration


May be it’s a test

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I would recommend reaching out another way. See if there is another way to get in contact. If meditation isn’t working, try one of these…

  1. Self reflection - ask yourself questions like, where are you suppressing your wild, feminine self? Or, is there somewhere in your life you are playing “nice” instead of expressing a more truthful, angry, enraged self?
  2. Asana - Take goddess squat and let out several primal roars from the belly
  3. Offer your negative beliefs to Kali. Visualise bowing down to her and offering her your limiting beliefs for her to destroy.
  4. Journal with Kali - ask her the following questions: What do you have to teach me? How do you express yourself in my life? How are you suppressed? What do you think needs destroying in my life?

Thank you all! I honestly think this is what really happens … I’m getting more and more into sea witchcraft and the traditional way, and I suppose that is far from their kind of vibe. Also within me, the idea comes to me that a cycle has just finished. The problem is that I do not want to remove your altar without being sure, do not go to bother.

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