How to know about it

How do I find a spirit to work with? I looked at all the sigils and nothing happens, I’m not attracted to anyone.


I know how it is, when I joined this forum none of them attracted me too, but if you are starting, I suggest lucifer :wink:


There are a number of them my first was Camino n only cause I still held on to fear not because I was drawn but when I looked at each a few names did stick out to me don’t just try demons try angles and celestials to you may not be drawn to darkness like most of us are😳

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When I started, I wasn’t attracted to any particular spirit or path either. I was attracted to the idea of summoning them though. I got my hands on EA’s book Works of Darkness and began there, opening the seals of various demons, and learning as I went. I still don’t follow any particular path, and call upon whatever spirits fit my agenda, be they angels, demons, elementals, or gods.

My advice is just to pick a spirit that sounds interesting or can fulfill a need and go from there. Not everyone gets “chosen” by a spirit out of the blue.


If U r a newbie start with an angel. then jump into demons. Safest that way. I suggest RAPHAEL.

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Actually, this isn’t very public so much,
but i recommend you to work with Lumiel before going into Lucifer.

Lumiel is an actual light angel which hasn’t been demonized,
and is truely in angelic form.

Lumiel is a little bit like the true original form of Lucifer,
prior to all the dogma that got imposed upon it.

Besides that, working with Lumiel will get you in contact and into comfort with the pure light essence,
the Energy both Lumiel and Lucifer, but also other Light deitys, like Ra, and Sol share.

See this for a list of Solar Deities.

Generally, it’s importend to know, that light and darkness don’t equate to good and evil as you’re normally tought by society.

In their true, real form, they combine, and work together, to create.