How to kill the Dingir- Sumerian evil

  1. Copy the drawing. It is a runic curse
    2)Blot the Runes with your own blood.
    3)Tape along the bottom threshold of your door.

Where did this come from and have you used it? :slight_smile: Most of us will have more interest if you could enlighten us to what you have experienced when employing this, and how effective it was for you. :grinning: Is this a curse you came up with just based on the runes, or did you find it somewhere?

It would do us all well, to remember that without much knowledge of where something came from, and the experience the op and others have had with this, that we have no idea what it is and whether or not it is safe to use, and with which practices it jives well with, as well as what the results of using it might lead to. :slight_smile:

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Dingir (𒀭, usually transliterated DIĜIR,[1] Sumerian pronunciation: [tiŋiɾ]) is a Sumerian word for “god” or “goddess.”

Does that mean he’s giving us runes to kill the Sumerian gods and goddesses @anon48079295? lol


Sounds like it but either they’re confused or I’m confused lol. There’s no special way to kill a Deity and they’re not “Sumerian evil” lol.


I tried typing in Evil Dingir, and It wants me to change it to evil ginger…

aka zero relatable results, as far as I see on the first few pages of google.

@Cynical_Soul Can you explain to us what an Evil Dingir is, or what it is this is actually supposed to do? It seems we have a serious discrepancy and well, I’d hate to see someone try to kill a deity and get their ass handed to them.


So norse runes to kill the sumerian concept of divinity? It’s not even specified in your runic script that it’s against anything “evil”. It’s just the word Dingir with the bog standard triple-thurs hex script. And if I am really being nitpicky I don’t think you would use the Ing rune here given the phonetics of the word Dingir. This whole post is a mess.


So norse runes to kill the sumerian concept of divinity?

That’s what stumped me. That and the usage is as if it was a threshold ward. Because Sumerian gods often sneak through the lintels into people’s houses…? :thinking:


So, Chaos magick is not exact! We will be back with better weapons. :face_with_monocle:

Dingir can also mean priest/ess. Although that’s not Sumerian…A 1977 copy of the Necronomicon has Dingir Xul as Evil God. There’s also some phrasing of Zi Dingir or Spirit, God of etc which suggests Dingir may be associated with spirits/general entities and not just deities. That’s really the one that would make the most sense. Having said that…I’ve love to understand the runic tie in lol