How to keep cool? Help

Ive been practicing tummo meditation, wim hof breathing and a few yang based practices.
If you dont know these practises, raise body temperature.
For days on end Ive been boiling hot, even in AC and cant sleep properly at night.
Did I also forget to mention that Im from the Caribbean, one of the warmer places on our planet?
I just took a bath and my temperature is still rising. No im not sick, i feel fine.
I just really need a way to cool down.

Is there anything that can help?
A mantra to boost yin energy?
Some yoga or qigong form I dont know?
A Ice spirit?
Please help thank you, sorry for the inconvenience

By the way you could banish element fire if you need to chill. Is doing the Pentagram from right corner to the upper side

South banishing fire Pentagram
East invoking air Pentagram
North invoking earth Pentagram
West invoking water Pentagram

And so you could properly invoke the Elemental King of Water

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I dont want to be too quick saying this, but it seems to have worked, thank you, still open to more suggestions tho, to balance out my yang meditations

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