How to keep atman alive

Is the atman higher self, or god form?
Is it just your soul?
Ea says after you die, your atman dies soon after. How do you immortalize the atman and keep who permanently?
Is there a ritual for that

No, EA doesn’t say that. It is the astral body that dies. All that you think of as being you dies. Atman is the higher self, or God self. It is without form and without limit. “Godform” is a misnomer in this context. It is already immortal. To maintain your identity and your memories requires keeping the astral body vitalized.


I agree. That part of “you” does not die.

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Sorry misunderstood.
He said atman is released and your identity is gone after 3 days of death. He didn’t specify if it was even if astral body was alive.
I assumed when he said released, the atman merged back into source

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Yes, that’s right. The Atman goes back to source, but it’s the astral where your memories and identity are contained. If you are working the soul travel course, he tells you how to keep your identity intact after death.

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In this life, I plan to merge my atman into my chakras. Then merge my astral body with etheric and be able to travel both planes in one powerful body.

I thought atman was the soul and was different than higher self

I recommend the soul travel course. Each of these bodies has limits as to how high they can travel on the planes. You don’t exactly merge with Atman, as you are as merged with it as you are going to get. Do a bit more research on this before you spend a lot of time one this idea

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Thank you.

So it’s not your soul. Or is higher self same as soul

That’s how I see it. Atman is that presence that gazes from behind your eyes. It’s the silent observer. You are already merged with it.

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If I merge all my bodies together, would I be able to travel to higher planes?

Wouldn’t that make a full being

No, the lower bodies can’t operate at higher planes. For example you can’t bring that astral body into the mental plane. You’re on to something, but you’re working backwards.

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