How to keep a thing a secret?

So I have a boyfriend and when he left me, I dated with another guy so I can let him go more easier. It isn’t helped. But my boyfriend who broke up with me, came back, and said that he wanna reconcile and restart our love. But my friends used tarot and gypsy card to tell me the future and the cards said that he will know my secret. Im really scared bc I didnt cheat him, but I dont want him to know my secret. And I cant useing enemy bindigs spell or freezing bc I dont know who will tell him my secret. I have no named target . So what should I do to keep this thing in secret? Any ritual, demons, angel, etc?

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You just don’t tell anyone. No one knew I had a tulpa until I announced my conversion to occultism January 2020. No one knows my password to this site. Even if someone can guess your secret, unless they can confirm, they will assume it is wrong and move on to the next thing. Take advantage of that.


These sound like the same friends that know, so make sure they are aware they should mid their own businesses and not go inserting their opinions into your life. Maybe don’t let him hang out with them until you’ve been able to tell him yourself and have a proper conversation. Hearing it from someone else isn’t going to help.

If he’s that jealous and unreasonable, that you know you could never tell him, then he sounds unstable and will overreact to other emotional situations as well - maybe think twice about whether he’s worth keeping.


This. It really helps to be honest than to have him hear it from someone else. It can either make the relationship stronger or will end things there but it clears the air.

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its better if this comes out of your mouth than others, once he finds out from another person he might get upset but if you open up to him and tell him now there will be trust. Just my opinion

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The angel Yahahel has the power to keep secrets, according to Damon Brand’s 72 Angels of Magick.

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The demon Bael.

This is a little ritual of my own making, maybe you can make use of it:

I also echo what @Mulberry said. If you’re concerned, have this conversation with your boyfriend. It doesn’t need to be a big serious “we need to talk” thing. Just let him know that you briefly dated another person when you and your boyfriend were not together.

You may even want to go in the other direction: instead of looking to keep this thing a secret, work some rituals to ensure your boyfriend is accepting, understanding, and sees things from your perspective.

This seems like something that is troubling you a lot, so you could also try both approaches (to keep it secret until you are ready to tell him, and to work on your boyfriend being open/accepting/loving when you do tell him). Then you can be honest with him, and you won’t need to feel guilty or like you are hiding anything.

Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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