How to invoke an entity without invoking an impersonator?

Soo yeah, now I’m freaking out because I tried to invoke Lucifer with his sigil and I invoked another (unknown) and bad entity. I don’t want to give it all up, how can I invoke certain entities without messing up like this, again?


Did you use tools other than the sigil? Usually other correspondences lessen the possibility of imposters.


@TNova Just put up shields programmed against impersonators maybe? Also, I for one have never had problems when using invocations in Demonic Tongues.

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I used sigil, candles, incense…the second time.

Haha hey. You are smart and you should teach me how.

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I am flattered. I pointed you to a few books when we were talking a while back. That may help. Otherwise, I think some of these incantations maybe?


Try using color correspondences and elemental objects. Lucifer’s colors are white, black, red, yellow and sometimes blue. His element is air, which I like to represent as a ribbon or feather. Typically his direction is in the East.


Well, the second time I tried to invoke Lucifer, I used a black and a red candle. And to the East. And still invoked that bi*ch (sorry) that wanted “to destroy me”

@TNova Once entities have hooked on they may be a bit hard to cut off.


You might have to banish the entity and wait for a while before you try again. Just to be safe. If you want to summon another entity I’d recommend finding a different spirit to summon until you feel (not think) it’s safe to try summoning Lucifer again.


So while this is not a liked subject by some.
Depending on how new you are.

Banish.banish.banish. Before the evocation to clear out anything hanging around. And again after the spirit has left.

Once you have some “flight time” put in with your practice so you repel the things you do not want involved in your ritual.
In time your aura will deal with this as it expands and builds in power.

This is why practices like the Lbrp exist.
Part of that ritual is the cross ritual which expands and empowers the aura and “Lights up the astral” when you do it. Becuase you are exercising Your power on yourself.

Black magic of Ahriman has a similar practice with “Bookend” rituals and the ignition of the black sun. It is ment to align to the current.

The Lbrp and its invocation variants are ment to align you to the elements. The hexagram rituals to the planets. They can be used against more well known entites but they work with enough practitioners to act relatively “civil”. Mostly its to repel the parasitic buggers like the one you dealt with.

At this point i snack on the little fuckers if they are stupid enough to pester me and filter the energy for later use. Usually goes down with me attacking them with somethin along these lines.

and then after it is broken down into pieces i “eat” the bits i want.


One of the reasons people use the MI-CHA-EL triangle is to use the power, arguably of the godself within, to form the “cosmic policeman/warrior” to prevent such entities taking form.

I realise you may not want to do that and to be honmest neither would I., but I’m mentioning it for the sake of completeness, if we ARE as one with Source and are emenating our own part of the cosmos, there’s no harm in using counterbalancing forces.

Or, you could try different demonic names, even maybe a Universal Circle, either the one BALG sell or by copying the script onto a sheet of paper or card? Afaik such a personal use isn’t explicitly prohibited, people used to share theirs on here a while back and E.A.mentioned doing it a while ago in a video.

Also, maybe start with a demon not so loaded with cultural and religious clutter as Lucifer, which I think was already covered elsewhere.


Why not evoke the entity and ask it for its name and to show you proof that the entity is not lying. Naming its attributes and signs for instance


You could threaten the said entity that if it were an imposter that it would be banished by haures. She is wonderful help. Or it would be burned by astral fire thrown back into the void for imposing itself to attach to you in any manner

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I always make sure to call the entity by more than one name/title. When I called Tiamat, I used “Tiamat, The Glistening One, Goddess of the Primordial Seas, and The Dragonmother” and I got her. Oh by the gods did I get her.

I didn’t even do a ritual, just called out to her with my voice and will.


This is good advice too. I always call Sekhmet the Red Lady when I call for her, and then use additional names for my purpose.


This works IF you can see/hear their proof.

This could end badly depending on the entity you are working with if you cant tell spirits apart easily.


Yes absolutely but methods should be calculated to cover these outcomes with spirits you know and trust. To call on them to help you discern danger from authentic evocation of the proper spirit

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I know this was posted over a year ago, but you can call the four Gatekeepers or the four Archangels to hold the space clear for the ritual to take place safely.

And get to know the said spirit’s energy signature. :wink:

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Ask for their sigil. Spirits can’t lie about that.