How to invite a Spirit/God or Godess in my Dreams?

As i thought that would the best and easiest way how i can invite them to appear in my dreams?

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Inviting them into your dreams isn’t necessarily the easiest way because whether you’re aware of the dreams or not will make a difference if you gain anything from the interaction.


I see but the thing is how i do invite them anyway?

The same way you invite them to you physically an evocation or a petition spell, you simply request that they enter your dreams and when.


I see . Nice
And did it worked?

Out of coriouity whoo stand there and how it went?
If you dont mind telling

Sometimes with deities in a dream, it’s not always literal but symbolic so be careful.

I used to want to do this method until I realized how much I suck at remember dreams. You can call asleep to some hypnosis and it helps


its so easy before sleep, gaze at sigil, let lil blood on it to activate it or make it glow imagine it glow, then say spirit names and put it under pillow, ask what you wish,go sleep