How to interpret and recognize signs

When working with demons, i have got the idea that they sometimes communicate with so called “signs” i have recently got feeling that somethings that i have encountered could have been in someway meaningful messages from the demon/entities surrounding me and my magical path.

But how to recognize signs, and how to interpret what they mean - any advice?

[quote=“Black Flame, post:1, topic:3849”]When working with demons, i have got the idea that they sometimes communicate with so called “signs” i have recently got feeling that somethings that i have encountered could have been in someway meaningful messages from the demon/entities surrounding me and my magical path.

But how to recognize signs, and how to interpret what they mean - any advice?[/quote]

Yes good sir i believe i can be of some assistance.

To know when a sign is being presented is an interesting question as i find that when you know how to listen the hits just keep on coming, the more magick becomes part of your world view, the more fluid your reality becomes, and the more everything becomes a sign because if you interpret anything as a “sign” and give it portent, then as a living god you will push that into reality, thus creating your own wonders to behold.

What you are asking is for DIRECTION and GUIDANCE to know if you are moving in the right or best direction of ascent, or clear communications from the entities or forces you evoke based on data they give you … that’s easy.

I will show you how to create anchors that demons can use to communicate with you , just like a hypnotist.

First you need to figure out which subtle faculty you respond to best, just choose your strongest, auditory, kinesthetic, visual, spatial…whatever.

Pick three distinct subtle body cues that are strongest for you.

Once you know what it is you need to fine tune it, for me creating sensations of weight and heat and third eye tingles are very easy so i started with those.

So once you identify the subtle body cues that’s best/strongest/most noticeable for you, then for a FULL WEEK…i know…PRACTICE SUCKS, you will condition these cues to respond to specific input.

What you do is pretend for ten minutes or so every day , although twenty to forty is ideal if your hardcore, practice activating those senses in response to certain stimulus.

IE, i would visualize myself walking around attending my dailies and then visualize that my demon was trying to reach me, i would concentrate on my third eye and it would begin to pulse and i would keep doing this over and over for a week, after about a week it started working for real, and automatically, whenever azazel reached out or tried to get my attention my third eye would go crazy.

Now you have to use the two remaining faculties to develop the ability to interpret yes/no answers, pick one sensation to mean “yes” the other to mean “no”, just go with what feels best, i chose heat for ‘yes’ and weight for ‘no’, so once again i would visualize myself only now i was standing in a barren dreamland seeing the signs of the day flash before me in a huge sky, as i watched the images i imagined a deep sense of understanding and knowing and i began to ask questions to the sky about the vivid flashing scenery, if i felt a yes i imagined the most intense flame in my left hand, if i felt no i imagined a world size boulder pulling my right hand down…

Same deal after about a week it will start to work for real, and i promise it is creepy effective, creepy.

Go nuts, use it on people, places, entities, the internet, just keep amping it up, USE THESE SKILLS DAILY…

Once you have been doing these exercises for ONE MONTH you are ready to basically mind meld with that demonic bad ass your so fond of, lol.

Here’s what you do

I’m assuming you can already summon/evoke hell invoke for all i care, good, do so.

When the entity is present or whatever, request that it communicate with you on the question/topic/goal of your choice USING YOUR SPECIFIC CUES, make sure to be specific, for signs , hit me here,…for yes or no stimulate THIS HERE.

The entity will agree, and probably be psyched that you are making its job 1000 times easier, you really are…but that’s a different post.

Thank it and dismiss it.

Now it gets a bit more specific, once the deed is done you will want to ACTIVELY RECORD, preferably by writing, if you must use audio recording, i don’t care but for this to work you gotta do the work baby!

Get a notebook that has the goal question or working written on the first page, all subsequent signs and interpretations of this working will now go into this notepad.

Every time your “sign” sense goes off , observe your surroundings, try to notice what seems to draw your attention, and record it, just a snippet,…felt impression of sign, looked up to see homeless man drop dead… a bit extreme but you get the idea, if you feel the anchor or cue…its significant, trust your senses young padawan.

Before you go to sleep at night reread the first page, then reread through the days leading up to the present, and finally read todays entry, say to yourself " i will sleep and go to my answer space, i will interpret these signs and shall receive true and literal knowledge for my gain".

If you are woken in the night by any startling epiphanies, write them down.

Your answers WILL come, i urge you not to get too attached to how they will come, most often in my experience you’ll just be typing , or drinking coffee or whatever and all of a sudden…BOOOM! all the data and answers coalesce and you just “know” it really does happen like that.

ALSO- READ ALL THE ENTRIES EVERY DAY, i realize this can get boring over time but that’s what you want…to shut down the “active brain” evaluation and let the real messages come through.

You are creating a continuity , a canvas in your mind, just like a good movie you have to watch it a few times to catch everything.

Take caution as always, i tend to work the extreme side of things initially and then cool it once i obtain verifiable results, that’s just me, intrepid, bold like captain kirk and all that.


I sense that you have spent some time in the NLP universe :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting better at this lately, but it’s still hard to say how I recognize them. Most times I just know. Started a thread elsewhere on a Sorcerer’s Luck

Last week I left for work and realized I forgot to write down the address of where I was going. I knew the general vicinity, and was driving around looking for the vehicles of my co-workers when I thought I saw one drive by, so I followed. Turned out not to be him, but the vehicle was identical, and I just knew following this car would lead me to my destination. Sure enough it did.

It seems to be I lock my intent on something I want, and then at some point, I don’t know when where or how, something happens and I recognize this is what will lead me to my goal. If I hesitate it passes me by.

Took me awhile to build up the confidence to rely on this, but now I just set my intent, and then be ready to pounce when the moment presents it’s self. I find the signs are easier to recognize if you are clear on what you want to achieve, then you just know when those seemingly random events present themselves that “this is it”. There is no need to interpret or decipher the meaning, even if how things will resolve themselves may not seem obvious.

You will know what’s meant directly for(at) you the more you allow /open yourself up to recieving them

I think it depends on the spirits you work with and their relationship to you. When you take the time to actually honor and make a place for the spirits in your life you will have much stronger signs than just picking a spirit because it can perform a task. When you make time for your spirits they make time for you and you’ll learn how they like to speak to you.

Some spirits will have a sense of humor, like nothing manifesting until their offering day, kind of like saying “Don’t forget about me”. I had a power sander kick on from across the room not long ago as soon as I asked myself a question regarding some spiritual practices. I did a few readings and had another person confirm them, basically the spirits were cool with what I was doing and were just letting me know they were their.

It appears I’ve been getting a lot of signs of something. For a long while, I’ve been hearing lots of weird noises. I mean, distinct noises that were loud, although not too loud, like knocking, or something like if the blades of my fan suddenly got caught and it stopped or something. I can’t describe the noise too well. Sometimes, I’ve even heard a voice. For a short while, I even felt myself being physically poked in the face while trying to go to sleep. And back when I was a Polytheist, and I was attempting to establish a bond with Morrighan, I would sometimes see crows at the weirdest times. Once, when I was having doubts about my faith while on the bus, as soon as I got off the bus, I heard what sounded like a hundred crows making a commotion xD I’ve also had what I think might be signs from Artemis as well, had a doe follow me up the driveway towards my house until I got uncomfortable, and she stopped right when I felt uncomfortable.