How to improve spells

How can you improve your rituals when you can’t put in the emotional fuel?


I kmow that incorporating candles, herbs and gems are great amplifiers; as well as observing the corresponding spirits, days and planets (planetary bodies or intelligences) of your desired results.

I’m interested in knowing other ways to improve and add that umph too, especially in regards to raising magical energy.


Don’t use your own energy - use pore / full body breathing to pull energy from around you or the cosmos, pass it through your system (e.g. run it around the microcosmic orbit) to transmute into human qi and from there into whatever you want. Some call this alchemy, I call it qigong. The bonus of this is that you will be more energised after the ritual not less, and the more you do it the more you can, it just takes will.


I energize Sigils and Fetishes and incorporate them into my rituals, its a lot more effort in the long run but it supercharges the rituals, especially the Fetishes.


I’ll be using Practical Planetary Magic.


List of things which can improve your spells.

  1. Charged sigils, Talismans, Magick Squares.

  2. Gems and crystals - these should be cleansed, charged, empowered, activated and programmed for full effect.

  3. Incense - best to use incense which has associations with the goal of the spell.

  4. Herbs - of course learn how to rouse their dormant power

  5. Mantras and vibration - vibrating godnames, spirits names, even regular mantras are powerful

  6. Consecration - literally empower, charge, consecrate every item you use in Magick so they literally become alive

  7. Fetish items - objects which are attributed to your target or your goal, can be used as a focal point as well as a actual energetic link.

  8. Tarot cards - tarot cards represent many things, actually you can bring tarot cards to life, then use their symbolism and alive energy to enhance your workings.

  9. Runes - Runes have been used for years in actual spell castings not just divination, if you really immerse yourself properly in runes you can combine runes to create a powerful talisman for your spells.

  10. Magick Oils - You can buys these, best thing to do is create them yourself, add in herbs, grounded up crystals, Magick powders, you can add your blood/semen to activate it charge them in the moonlight or sunlight depending on the nature of the oil.
    You can use this oil to anoint ritual tools, to anoint candles, athames, gems, metals etc.

  11. Blood - Don’t just offer blood to a spirits, but if you believe the goal of the spell is worth it offer your blood. Blood letting acts as sacrifice, dedication, the blood itself carries huge amount of power to spells.

  12. Menstarul Blood - This is extremely powerful once you understand the energies and properties of the menstarul lunar mysteries you’ll handle this fluid with care.

  13. Semen - This too is extremely powerful it carries not only pure life force and the potential for life. It also carries sexual power which is immensely potent for enhancing your magickal workings.

  14. Masturbation - Masturbation is a great way to raise sexual energy, masturbating to symbols of power, talismans, Magick squares and sigils also activate and charge them in immense ways.

  15. Vessels - If you’re well versed in Evocation you can literally bind and house spirits in objects and vessels. For example binding a baneful spirit into nails and pins if you’re going to stab a doll or effigy of your victim. Another example is like a love spell literally housing a spirit in a gift and then giving that gift to your crush gives the spirit a link to your target to greater influence them.
    There are loads of other ways of using vessels.

  16. Meditation - Meditate always to focus intention, for movement and rising of energy and power, for visualisation, for trance etc.

  17. Spiritual Tongues - Magickal languages like Dark Staot, Demonic Tongue, Angelic Tongue and loads more.

  18. Sacrifice and offerings - if you’re working with a spirit and you’re asking a lot of the spirit, it isn’t always nessercary but offerings and sacrifices act as immerison, dedication and even some offerings contain power which the spirit usurps for fuel to use for the task at hand.

These are just some examples there are loads more you can do too.


This is an awesome list! Very helpful, thank you!


Wow, ya i couldnt say it better myself! Good job!


Thanks I had an addiction years ago about increasing power in all revenues of magick.


I can think of worse addictions


Are Talismans more powerful because its a physical manifestation of a goal?
is it better to ask a spirit for a Talismans or just have it do the task for you?

@C.Kendall do you have and can you share a meditation for this purpose ??