How to improve my "gifts" to use them to my benefit

I am able to tell that something is going to happen, but it’s usually less than 5 minutes before it does. Like yesterday I drove to the store to go buy some things. I got out of my car, I walked into the store and literally right when I went through the door I had the sudden knowledge that my account was overdrawn. I had absolutely no reason to think that and it wasn’t a concern before. However, when I checked my account, it was overdrawn. It doesn’t just happen with bad things; it happens with good things as well, but I don’t have any handle on it. Is there anything that I can do to improve this ability so I can control it better and make it work for me?


I’d become a professional psychic and tell clueless people what they should already know.

Only way to get better is to practice and learn the ins and outs of your gift. Now you get to get paid to become a better clairvoyant. There may be collateral damage.


Meditation primarily. Specifically focusing on controlling your thoughts and building up focus and will power while maintaining a neutral empty mind. Sensory deprivation can also help if you want to blindfold yourself and use white noise in a room cold enough to make you go numb but not too cold to be a danger though it might cause unexpected results if you overdo it or aren’t ready for it so if you go that route take it slow at first and make sure you can handle it. Getting out is as simple as taking the headphones and blindfold off though so you will always be able to end it if needed.

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Collateral damage how? From what?

Well you won’t know until happens, unless divinafion is also one of your gifts (or you know some super cool black magicians who can divine how shit can go wrong). Especially since as of now you have no idea how you even have this gift. Fingers crossed. Magick community get a little weird when it comes to helping people.

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Usually people are stupid and when you advise them on their future they do exactly what you caution against them doing and then want you to fix everything.

Like for instance do not keep chasing x person they are not into you and it will not end well you will be much happier if you instead focus on x thing.

Person just does what you cautioned against anyways and their life falls apart and then they want you to fix everything but keep doing the same shit that breaks what you try to help them achieve.

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I’ve always had it. I have a lot of gifts. It’s just that to me they were more curses than gifts until relatively recently. I figure since I have them, I might as well find a way to use them to my advantage. However, right now I do not have any control over it. I cannot do it at will. Even with astral projection; I can do it easily, but many times it is not at will (stopping it is; being on the deck of the Titanic at 1am on April 15, 1912 isn’t fun).

I can communicate with people that I am close to without speaking (full conversations). I can read not the clearest thoughts but definite feelings of most people. I want to learn how to use this to my advantage instead of just stuffing it deep down. It’s not like it’s going to go away.


Keep using it and paying attention to it, try testing it, for example predict what will come in the mail tomorrow, and there are various other methods such as testing whether a card from a pack will be red or black, the narrowing it down to court card or numbers, and so on.

You can test out of body the same way, shuffle a deck or ask someone else to, close your eyes and place a random card on top of a shelf/wardrobe above eye level, see if you can travel out and read it.