How to improve? I feel stuck

I have been working on chakras and energy since May 12th but I kept getting intense headaches that sometimes get to the point where I can’t meditate at all.

I made a post about this but a small summary is: On June 6th, I had a dream recently that I was holding a blue ball of energy that was full of darkness. I used my own energy to clear it up and ever since then, I haven’t gotten intense headaches.

Ever since then my eyes start watering when I try to meditate with my eyes open during rituals even though I blink as needed. I’ll try to close my eyes for a moment to refresh and hopefully make it stop but it doesn’t.

Could it be my spirits causing it? Or could it be my senses?

I also get tired whenever I try to work on energy and sometimes fall asleep entirely. Because of this, I bought Robert Bruce’s energy book to try to improve and have tried to incorporate some of his advice in my own ways but I still feel tired.

Last night, I was working with Baron Samedi on my spirit to try to work from the inside out when I suddenly felt nauseous.

I have also been getting a sensation like water droplets (or even tapping) on the top of my head or pressure on the back on the top my head when I listen to ambiences for the crown.

I was wondering if this is progress and if I should just keep doing what I’m doing? Or should I start incorporating something else to take things further?

But what else would I need to incorporate?

I feel like I grind to a halt whenever I start making progress. I always get to a certain extent then start feeling stuck then start going backwards again.

Side note: This pressure is usually only on the right side of my forehead. Ever since I started working, it now extends to my third eye.

When I really focus, I can get pressure moving to my left side as well or I can “move” the pressure to center entirely into my third eye.

Is that normal? I usually read about people having pressure all the way across their forehead.

do you mean chakra or chakras?
It sounds like you have an overabundance of energy in either your third eye or crown chakras.
perhaps focus on another chakra?

That may be some fault of my own. I usually get to focus on the third eye and forget all else. Would focusing on another one help the energy move and get progress going again? I was thinking of working on solar next, or on grounding.

define progress.

any spiritual act is progress.
also your spiritual practice appears disjointed to me. you go from chakra to solar or grounding. since you’re already doing chakra work, then why not stay on it

Progress being trying to see/hear/feel spirits more clearly. I’ve never had any real guidance on the matter.

I can mentally hear them during rituals. I even helped channel for a friend for a while.

I can feel their presence pretty well. On the rare occasion, I’ll sometimes even see “shadows”.

I would like to work on seeing them better but at this point, I’ll take whatever I’m given first.

I’ve searched for teachers in the past but have never found one that has truly helped.

One teacher told me that solar was the key.
Another told me that the third eye was the key.

Neither of them clarified on how to go about spiritual or chakra work. They only said “meditate” or “work with the spirits” then both told me that I wasn’t trying hard enough when I said I need a little more clarification.

Now I’m just grasping at whatever I think might help but that seems to always work up to a certain point then stop.

I’m still up for being pointed into the right direction of work method. I just need to know how it works and how to stay on it.