How to improve clairaudience?

In this period I can ear the spirits but I whant to boost up this ability. How can I do this?
In a lot of sites I read the Vishuddha is the “clairaudience chakra” and I wondered if by strengthening my chakra with a mantra it could strengthen and enhance this ability too. Somebody can help me?


Meditate and find your answer.


I’m using this technique to develop it

I know, but I want to use a mantra that can be usefull in this work

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Thanks, in this day I will use it^^

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If you are interested in using a mantra, try EA’s ‘AH’ meditation. What you do is relax yourself, and then focus your awareness on the Anja. Breath naturally, and upon the exhale, vibrate the mantra ‘AHHHHHHHH’. Do this for 24 minutes daily.

I have found this meditation to give a boost to both my clairaudience and clairvoyance ability.

The mantra for the Vishuddha is 'HUM (pronounced HOOM) if you want chant that for 108 repetitions every day.


does it work for you? and do you know others it has worked for? Im tryin to do this as well

Thanks for the info

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I just tried the meditation. It seemed ok i dont know if it really `worked at all tho TBH. i know it was only once tho.

Check out this site. It has alot of meditations that can assist you.

What are your experiences with it thus far?

@Dynami answer is the best possible answer you will find.

As I understand, it’s a manifestation technique that requires a mental image of the desired result.

I’m trying to imagine a scene that represents the development of psychic senses. How did you do it?

Koetting uses it for both creation ex nihlo and psychic development in his work. The full meditation is for manifestation, but focusing only on pushing energy through the Ajna is for development. There’s a newsletter in the archive that describes it, but apparently the main site is down right now or I’d link it.