How to identify your enemies

Hello friends,

I have found a new non magical way to identify enemies and those who are jealous by chance.

Usually I’m very positive and if feeling down I’m keeping to myself. Same thing with my social media publications. I post only funny pictures while enjoying with my friends or from my travels. Yesterday for the first time I posted a picture of my overheated car and still with humor I commented that I had to wait 40 mins for it to cool. Wow, what a surprise. Tumbs up from several people who never comment any of my other publications. One of them was even so happy with what happened to me that allowed himself to comment for the first time “you’re driving a crap”. I was tempted to comment that I have 10 other cars and I can afford leaving the crap the place it overheated without even coming back to take it… but decided to avoid further explanations.

So may be sometimes just a hint about something unpleasant that happened to us is enough to see who would be happy to hear it…

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For someone to be your enemy, you have to announce them as such. Take pride in their suffering, and you’re associating with suffering. If you’re okay with that, do it.