How to identify the main culprit of my “Bad days”

Last 2 years have been really bad. I have a few questions to as an astrologer. Anyone who can help me understand why I am facing these tough times? And what can I do to get out my problems? Please help. Thanks

Do a divination to get to the bottom of this. There are many methods, but imo the most reliable methods are:

  1. Asking a spirit you are closest to, who also happens to be associated with divination (answers all questions…you have a bunch of Goetic demons like that).

  2. Tapping into the current of information - something EA calls the Well of Knowledge, I believe. The thing he refers to when he says “tap into omniscience.”

I would stay away from astrology, and any ideomotor-based divination (pendulums, ouija board, etc).

Tarot and runes are acceptable, but they’re far more vague than the 2 methods I recommend.


Thanks for responding. Do you know anyone who does that? I have never tried those methods before.

There are many people on this forum who are great at divination.

@C.Kendall first comes to mind. His readings were always on point from what I’ve seen.

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