How to identify a hell plane?

What are the general characteristics of a hell plane?

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It’s completely subjective, borne out of religious dogma and not entirely real, so make of it what you want.


Well depends on what you mean by “Hell plane” if you mean in the astral than it’s whatever the person individually manifests it as, the astral is filled with manifestations of the imagination and desires, but also fears and the likes.

If you mean the infernal then it’s not a plane, it’s a nation within a specific underworld, but even the various underworlds don’t really look the same, nor would really work being called a hell plane.

There’s also demi-realms/pocket realms that can be described as looking like a “hellscape”


I think OP means an infernal area from the Infernal nation

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I believe hell is somewhere we can never imagina but every demon has their own place so I was shown great duke of hell amducias hell one time and it was not that scary he teach me how to torture those who wronged me. Yeah that gave me idea of every demon had their own hell.

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Besides as far as I remember hell was copied from the comedy of dante.