How to help without taking it all on

Hey all,

I am still on the middle of the fence, though I lean to the RHP.
However, I have seen things lately that disturb me.
I am caught up in myself and trying to break it, but it’s hard to do … then today I noticed something when I didn’t mean to, though signs are all around me.
People are hurting and in despair, I can see it in their faces and want to help, but don’t know how except for prayers to God.
Case in point - yesterday I saw this cute young blonde some out of the office building where I work, where I was eating a packet of oatmeal since I’d forgotten to bring my lunch with me and was just outside soaking up some sunlight. She looked hurt when she saw me eating the oatmeal, while most didnt notice, some noticed but laughed, she looked hurt.
I saw her again today, looking hurt still while I was out having a smoke. And she is not the only one, some seem to be in despair, like I am still (but better at hiding it generally), some almost looked like zombies, and I think the issue of continued employment or bad past lovers/family issues are the cause.

How to help? Should I?



Maybe you are seeing the reality of those not on your path…you are becoming more aware of the nature of others whose eyes are still closed perhaps? Help? That’s your own personal choice…You can only help those that want to help themselves… As cliche as that statement is, it is the reality…If you want to help or create change, then do it one person at a time, on a worthy person, place, or thing…Don’t forget that change must be internal, mental…Otherwise, you are simply trying to remove water from a sinking ship with a bucket…You have to stop the leak first…Hope that helps…

The ability to see suffering without the daily crap clouding it is one of the most dangerous abilities to have in my opinion (well met by the way… XD). If you are not careful you will take into and onto yourself the world and ideas of others that expose themselves to you in this way, I guarantee that if you are not careful you will get a lesson in inverted vampirism, you being the sustenance another requires to sustain and deal with their reality. While it sounds harmless it can get really bad quickly. I’d be especially careful around anything with a vagina and a cute face in your case :wink:

If you feel this is your calling I agree with Sinata that you must at least choose carefully what you invest in, and keep the circle as small as possible. If it is any consolation Fuego, understand that they are all suffering. There are very few exceptions, so logically no, you can’t help them all. You can only help yourself and your close circle, as long as you accept that you’ll be fine. If not you’ll end up a Greenpeace hippy :wink: