How to heal?

My spirit guides are telling me to heal my energy, concerning about my health. I have chronic fatigue and pain related problems in my calves, neck, shoulder, back. I have problems walking and standing for too long so I always need to rest. When I’m standing my neck, shoulder gets cramped up really bad including my back. When I wake up in the morning I feel groggy and my body aches. I’m bit skeptical about spellwork only because I haven’t tried doing them plus I’m a newbie. I wouldn’t bother going to the doctor because they prescribed you with shitty painkillers and they don’t work. I’ve started taking multivitamins too for this matter for energy release and aches.

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Look into exercise involving qigong and energy manipulation. Almost every physical illness has an accompanying energy aspect to it that you can treat and quickly recover physically.

Start working by just gently moving and breathing energy through your body and breathing out the negative sick energy. Do this for your whole body then focus on specific problem areas where energy flow is weakest. That will probably get things moving along for you.


Have you tried myofascial release therapy technique in massage? That has been pretty effective along with acupuncture in my own battle with CFS & arthritis.

I second the recommendation for qi gong. :+1:

@Sedagive No I haven’t.

Second the qigong. Moving the energy through and around will help. Starting qi cultivation practice will also help - qi is intelligent and will know where to go.

Also I’d say look to your diet. The human body is amazing at healing itself when it’s not prevented from doing so by toxins and stress, and researchers are placing 70-90% of our health on our diets.
The qigong will help with the stress, but maybe try a low carb, higher fat, all organic all wholefood diet, no sugar, no processed or refined anything - if man made it don’t eat it.
Diet can fix unwanted gene expressions, and lengthen telomeres so you live longer. A qi healer will look at your diet and adjust that first before considering supplements - they actually treat with food before trying more extreme methods, of which, ‘concentrated food’ aka supplements are next in line.

If you have enough body weight and a good nutrition baseline, consider trying a ketogentic diet or water fasting, which are very healing, partly from detoxing and partly from allowing something called autophagy - where the body consumes crappy cells you don’t want, including tumours, scars etc. For more info, there’s a keto forum that offers info and support and a few people have posted about having chronic fatigue and having more energy on keto. There’s been studies, but it’s a very anecdotal and self-experimental process at the moment.

Disclaimer. I haven’t said this in so many words on here yet because it’s going to sound out there and overly dramatic… I’m currently on day 17 of a 40 day water fast I agreed to with Azazel as part of him healing me, I had to clear my energy. I’ve been doing extended fasts for a decade so he already knew I could. Kind of a pact but it’s not a pact. What shocked me was he thought I would not have survived another 10 years as I was going, though I don’t have any serious conditions and I"m rarely sick and quite fit, so I assume he thought I was heading to get myself a case of cancer/lupus/etc though my bad diet - something autoimmune-related probably.


Magnesium. It’s possible to OD but it’s expensive to do so and you have to keep at it for weeks - everyday. Alternatively start with 300mg, twice daily. Initially may cause diarrhoea, but keep at it. You let me know, then see a chiropractor/osteopath.


In-jack and Spiritual Awakening. The flying dragon will heal the body if you are brave enough.