How to Heal left eye?

HI Magi,

I need to heal the left eye of one person who lost left eyes eyesight (cant see anything with it) due to baneful work of a relative. We have shown to many doctors and all of them put hands in the air that it cant be healed.

Is there a way to heal the eye using magick?
if yes, what would be the best approach according to you?



What do you mean that he lost his eye? Does he only have one eye now?

lost his eye means he lost his eyesight, he cant see anything using that eye. Also it is swollen and has kind of black marks on the eye.

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I would recommend evoking Raphael, he’s an angel of healing and is pretty potent.

Edit: If you don’t want to work with angels, you can evoke Marbas, a demon who also is known for healing. I’ve never worked with him/her, but I’ve had good results.



  1. Evocation (angels prefered :stuck_out_tongue: )
    Raphael, Marbas or Buer, etc.

I was thinking of combining mutiple small working into one kind of a layered spell/ritual/pathworking that may last for couple of days to generate more energy which will easily make things happen.

What else could I do to help the cause?


If you’re going to do a mass evocation, other recommendations for healing angels:

  • Archeiai Mary, Queen of the Angels (Archangel Raphael’s consort)
  • Assiel (works under Archangel Raphael)
  • Archangel Suriel
  • Twin Angels, Mumiah and Atembui (they always work together).
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cool, as it was a baneful working tha made it happen in the first place, I will need to add load ton of energy to make it happen. All the above spirits could be very useful :slight_smile:

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Funny you ask this, I need help healing my eye as well.


What? Raphael had a consort? I thought angels were no no in the sex department??? Didn’t fallen angels lost their place cuz of lust??!!




you can aslo try verrine,he healed my staphyloccus in 3 days.also verrine can give diets for healin,
garlic,and onions are the fucking best for any disease,not sure more eye stuff,but verrine always recomended me those 2.


I suggest you ask “healing spirits” without naming names or calling a specific entity. That would also work well


That’s Christian error. I’ve used angels in workings for lust many times. The Archangel Samael and the four angels of prostitution (Lilith, Namaah, Agrat bat Mahlat, and Eisheth) who all are his consorts. As well as Pharzuph, Angel of Lust.

Samael’s got his own harem going on.

And yes, that’s right, you just saw me call Lilith an angel.


Lol, you must be a prophet!

Man, there is so much confusing, contradictory informations out there!!! Its really frustrating to figure out truth from bullshit. In your opinion What’s the connection between Archangel Samael and Satan/Lucifer?


If it was a baneful working that caused the injury, you can call upon Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame, to break it, as he has the power to free someone from spiritual bondage of any sort. He would prevent the baneful energy from interfering with the healing.

I should mention another healing Angel who doesn’t get much love here on the forum, Rantka, also from Kingdoms of Flame. He can teach the magician how to maximize both magical and scientific methods to accomplish healing, as well as the use of minerals and herbs to heal the body and enliven the mind.

He helped me when I had no luck with Raphael.


garlic and onions increasing the sex drive, that whats most demons are like HUMP, HUMP and HUMP :wink:


:joy: thats funny :stuck_out_tongue:

and I thought Samael was a demon :stuck_out_tongue:

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My opinion is go to a doctor and get antibiotics asap!!! Sounds like the eye may be septic, with black marks, etc… geez go to an emergency room and leave the magick for later!

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current generation doctor cant do anything in this case, otherwise I would already have put that motherfucker on the operation table :joy:

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oh really? are you a medical expert too?? common sense tells me something besides magick is going on. why do people on this magickal path always think magick solves everything.
that is a bogus statement. I agree doctors today are less able than previous perhaps, but still common sense to see one imho. good luck.:woman_facepalming::spider_web: ask the next spider you see, just as lucky as not going to a doctor of any time or era. just saying.

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