How to have an harem?

Hello, well, I am a three years old magician, like most of us I started doing magick out of necessity, but now that necessity is fullfilled with a lot of angelic work.

Now, I have mostly done angelic operations with a few unsuccesful tries at goetia, so, I wanted to ask, theres any spirit, angel or demon who can help me with having and harem? of women I mean, if I am asking to much feel free to tell me

Also, if you recomend a demon, theres any advice that you can give me to work with it? The angels work better when you have a long term relationship with them. So I dont know if demons work the same way. Thank you :slight_smile:


Meh. I don’t believe there is such thing as “too much” as long as you don’t want anything that breaks the laws of physics.

The best thing I can tell you is to research polygamy as a life style and start there. At least until you have an idea of how to start. Then you can work with any demons that are appropriate for the tasks at hand (getting you in the right places, making contact with the right people, being attractive to such people, etc).


Two questions:

Do you know what a harem is?

And are you rich?

I ask because it’s relatively easy to have a bevy of women at your beck and call, but an actual harem would require the ability to provide for them (you know how men buy things for their booty calls? Multiply that by ten for a harem).

Harems are the purview of sheiks and emperors because the women are basically kept, and everything is provided for them.


you are right I actually refer to this

[quote=“DarkestKnight, post:3, topic:161837, full:true”] to have a bevy of women at your beck and call


thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

move to thailand, bring hella cash, and everything you want will be waiting for you


Actually that’s a good advice lmao

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If you’re really keen on having a harem of ladies at your beck and call. The one entity that I would call upon for this task is Asmodeus. He actually brought to me my idealistic girl who wants to make me a harem. Furthermore; he can turn you into a literal chick magnet.


Well,have luck is good, keep it going is hard,besides tinder, the few hardcore spirts are Asmodeus,Lilith namah,rashun,kubach xexbeth,merimin, which u invoqe and give 3 drops of blood, tat will do it fast,but the only spell tat has wat you want ,is a classic horseshoe call to Satan I tink by Sarah Morrison old book from the 80s she has tat but not sure which number,


Hi female here. I am going to suggest watch seasons 14-16 of sister wives and then see if you still want it. Any type of poly dynamic IS NOT easy. Especially with females. He have wild hormone changes monthly and we are human and have all kinds of feelings. We get jealous and can cause discord and drama because of these feeling. We have all kinds of needs besides just the basic. We are not robots and not objects. You have to you have to device yourself between how many partners you have. So there will no longer be you time. Also remember if a female isn’t happy there’s no sexy time. Unless you are going to go against her consent. Then you are just a dirt bag and shouldn’t have any partners.

Definitely watch what I said because it shows all the stress and discord of having more then one serious partner.

Sadly it isn’t all sex, rainbow and sunshine.

I truly admire anyone that can have more then one who partner and make it work.


Read everything Caleb Jones ever wrote and use it. Book of Pook. Good Looking Loser too

Call on Asmodai and start talking to women with the intention of fucking them rather than “being nice” like 80% of everyone defaults to

After that its far more about relationship management than just pulling. Once you have two something happens that’s hard to explain but you truly don’t have to even try and you’ll just find yourself getting laid with new women a lot. It’s very surreal and you’ll question everything about your upbringing you ever heard when you see it happen. It will take years to fully digest and absolutely nobody will want to hear about it unless they want it themselves

You don’t need money, character, ambition, or anything else going for you, you just need the vibe and to look “sex worthy”

Be a “7” on the looks scale. Most guys can get here by being lean, actually trying in the grooming and hygiene department, and dressing like a somebody. Get a base tan so you aren’t transparently pale

Girls hold each other to extreme looks standards we barely ever notice so mind what you’re appealing to. You know how we notice odd connections all the time? They do that with your appearance and lifestyle, and what/how you say things. They’re always divining you and it can’t really be faked. The inner world at least. That’s what matters most.

All of those other things can work against you without it. If you’re literally a drug dealer collecting a welfare check yet feel more solid in himself than the insecure guy with a salary, a gym routine, a bookshelf of self help materials, and a dog you’ll win. It’s almost entirely internal past meeting the “looks threshold.” What seems completely trivial to you can be a deal breaker to them and it is what it is

We experience reality differently. Learn what they go off of and play your cards right. Almost anyone can do it and I’ve seen a hopeless aspergers ridden dude with no sense of dental hygiene and a C cup sized set of man boobs outclass a world record holder with only two years of effort on this stuff because he went all in and kept working through bottlenecks

It takes a hardcore soul grueling extreme amount of effort to get to compared to what they have to do to catch guys but we play entirely different rules for different goals within the same video game. Keep playing and level up into something specific and you’ll wake up there. Just be prepared for to celebrate the biggest wins with yourself alone because nobody will be on your side, yet you will not care because its a feeling of wholeness nothing else in this world can bring when you get there. You’ll have mastered yourself and they’re the touchstone that proves it


Why don’t you try King Asmodeus and Sitri for starters?

My ex was a robot who gave off negative vibes, you know, like one of those non-corporal entities you are supposed to dispel with salt, sage and banishing rites.

I have one like that too. But more of a energy sucking parasite.

hahaha nice

thank you for your advice, I will follow it at heart

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thank you for your advice and sharing your experience with me

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wow thank you very much for your advice, I might do as you wrote, thank you, seriously

I might do, three people saying the he’s the guy cannot be pure luck

@Angelb1083 is spot on, and @DarkestKnight also brings up good points of harem. I can add harem is a cultural thing reserved for high sheiks and emperor types. Keep in mind money aside it may also be the prestige attached to the culture and royalty. Even with magic we have to do the foot work so I wouldn’t expect this to be easy more a long end goal. You could call Bune to get money and Lilith for the seduction.

However you could work to that, but harem is a great fantasy many of us men or even a reverse harem I am sure woman have had. Don’t forget reality, the woman in your harem have feelings and intentions. It may be nice to have a different queen every night at your call, it would be fun no doubt. For me personally and maybe it is because I have been married before. It would loose its glamor knowing that none of these woman are partners, if my cash flow stopped they would be out. Harem is different than polygamy in that the woman wait for your command. If you have empathy you would think of their happiness too. When each woman is performing an act it is an exchange not real love. Love aside not even a casual encounter where they want you and you have sex, but an exchange of services. You buy them things and they please you. Remember harem is in a culture where being lower class or poor is a question of survival.

Now I may be speaking out of line and don’t have anything against harem and what consenting adults choose to do. However the female harem participants may be miserable but do it because the other options are bad. Having luxury is just the best option and possible life for them. I mean if you just want to partake in some hedonism I say there is no shame in sex work, maybe get yourself some nice escorts to scratch the itch. I have never gotten a sex worker but don’t see any issues. You can have your sexual fantasies fulfilled. If it is the power you want just know the top can get lonely (not that I have ever been near the top lol) but it may lose its glamor.

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