How to Give Tribute

For those who have never made offerings, here are a few key things:

  1. Research the being you want to work with.

  2. If you are evoking a King of Hell or similar rank, you need to provide a libation. A libation is a tribute that usually is a drink of some kind. Kings I believe also have the correspondence of gold as the metal but don’t quote me on that perhaps that’s not every spirit.

  3. Trust yourself. Only give what you feel like is appropriate, but also remember that the spirit will likely tell you what you need to give them. Example if you have two gold rings, and you give them one but feel like you must give two, then do so.


And, look at the things the being wants to be done throughout the world, if a charity or organization exists that is in line with that beings desires, another acceptable offering would be to donate monetary funds to that cause.


I’m glad I found this thread. I always wondered whether my gifts were appropriate in regards to exchange for fulfilling my petition. When making a petition to a demon I always try to be generous in my gifts. Unfortunately this has lead to me over extending myself in many areas. I often abstain from certain favourite activities etc as a form of “payment “. For weeks and sometimes months. While I’m happy to offer such gifts I also realise that I’m always upping the ante. It’s hard to sustain after a period of time but I do as I have made a promise. In one situation I offered to wear the sigil of Sitri around my neck in honour of the great Prince. I ordered it from the internet and although the quality and design was not to my usual taste I still wore it everyday as I had said I would. A couple of weeks ago I decided not to wear it however grabbed the Sitri pendant and placed it in my back pocket when I went out just so it was close to me. To my horror it must of slipped out and after much searching I realised that it is lost. Anyway, I don’t if it is all in my subconscious but my love life ain’t great after losing it. I apologised to Sitri and told him I would buy another one. I subsequently found a guy over the internet who makes Stirling silver pendants and I have commissioned him to make me a Sitri pendant. Simple and elegant. I am now eagerly awaiting it. As I said before, it probably is all in my subconscious but I feel strongly about breaking a promise and need to make amends. He has been good to me after all.

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As a general rule, never make a vow that don’t know that you cannot keep.

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But use the experience as a learning block. Also, if you have a good relationship with Sitri I would re visit the terms and ask him if you could add a time frame to wear it or certain occasions. I goofed BAD my first time with Lucifer and he was very understanding- not saying ALL entities are but they likely will be reasonable.


Thanks guys. I have asked Sitri for forgiveness and I feel that he has accepted my apology. I have stuffed up in the past when I have forgotten to fulfil a petition and he appears to be always forgiving. I certainly not saying he’s a pushover but I believe he knows it’s not deliberate and that I will eventually follow through . I think in my desperation for my petition to be fulfilled I was offering something that matched my eagerness for results. You are correct though. If I can’t sustain it then best not to offer it. He was the first demon I petitioned and due to lack of experience I overcompensated. I really do hope this has not had a major affect on our working relationship. I have found him to be a great Demon to work with and a powerful one at that. Hail prince Sitri

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