How to give thanks?

Can any one recommend how I can give my reward to certain demons for fulfilling my request if I have no way of getting updates from a targets situation as we have no contact.

Can they possibly find a way of communicating with me through word of mouth by other people like “oh have you heard what happened to x”?

Giving thanks can be given in any number of ways, ask them directly or simply give offerings of gratitude that you feel would be worthy. You’ll get your reply too, if you pay attention.


Direct communication is always the best way indeed !

If you can’t hear spirits, you should consider to order the “Mastering Evocation Course” of EA Koetting.

You will learn to hear and communicate with spirits, even without evoking their presence in the room.

If you can’t afford the course, I’m sure you will find a lot of tutorial here on the forum using the search fonction.


Would it be possible to ask a demon for the individual to contact me in this situation? I have used amon successfuly in the past but this is different…I have no intention of reconciliation with this individual…just want to hear how they are suffering on a level they thought not possible…

Sounds twisted but I guess that’s the level of hatred you have to have towards an individual when conducting baneful work.

In no way do I actually care about this person and it’s not a lust for results situation.

More of a wanting to give credit to the spirits involved. That’s the only reason why I’d want to talk to the target.

In his book Baneful Magick, EA Koetting says that the fate of your target will always be brought to your attention in some way once the curse is fulfilled, even if you have no contact with the target. There’s no need to purposely seek information about it, the demons will let you know when they’ve done the job. For example, Koetting mentions learning about the death of a target two years later in the newspaper, long after he had already forgotten they had ever existed.

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