How to give someone a message from me, personally, in their dreams?

Hi BALG, I want to enter some people’s dreams and give them a piece of my mind. You could say I’d be giving these people a “nightmare,” and while it may be a horrifying experience, the whole point would be me going into someone’s dream and making sure they hear my message, and I think that maybe altering their dreamscape to my own designs would help enforce the message. My targets whose dreams I want to enter are normies, if that makes any difference from magicians.

So, I’m asking how to enter someone’s dream, and make sure they remember it consciously.


Read Psychic Dreamwalking by Michelle Belanger.


Hello @Red_Comet. I have learned that through spellwork that visualization can do almost anything. 9/10th of all spell work is intent/visualization.

This is what I do, hopefully it will assist you.

Sit in a quiet space where there are no interruptions. (Phones shut off/muted, outside distractions like housemates can not disturb you, etc.)

Visualize the person that you want to communicate with. If you have a picture of them this will help as well.
Close your eyes and visualize this person in your third eye/minds eye. Get as detailed as possible.

When you have this person in focus. Talk to them lie you would talk to them if you were physically in their presence. Explain/Tell me how you feel, what you are feeling, etc.

When you are done “letting them have it”, tell them to contact you physically by phone, email, text, in person so know that the message(s) went through.


If you have a picture or an object of the person, and even Fetishes, such as hair, finger nails, toe nails, skin, blood, Semin, Vaginal fluid, and,other body fluids ( not to mention them here ), then this helps enhance the effect.
E A talks about this


Belanger books are awesome


They’re fairly popular online. Maybe having them talk about this experience on Twitter, their streams, or their videos would be enough to confirm it for me.