How to Give Power to My Own Created Secret Name

I have decided my Secret Name,how to give power to my new name.What rituals must be done?
Just like Every Deity has its own secret name like
angel Micheal,Lucifer e.t.c.

No rituals have to be done really the more you use it the more power you give to it. The more you address yourself as it the more you give power to it. Petition spell, any rituals, even simple acknowledgement.


@anon48079295 is right. If it is your magick name it will already have power. However I do have a suggestion if you esnt a ritual approach to help aid you in working with it.

Invoke yourself into yourself with the name.

You need to talk to creator, and program your godsoul, to vibratelock your physical vechile and make spirits / humans work with your chosen name (like reckon you as that being), these are pretty basic mechanic-soul settings, study how to communicate with reliable “help” to start deitizating yourself, everyone has right to do this, but there are sects, which are against of human deitization, and “creating” new breed of actual demi-gods / creators…

pm me if you need to ask something about this, i can be pretty open about this.