How to get your finger out of your tush!

I hate to admit this but I was the most idle git you could possibly imagine, I use to put many things off to the last minute. I would always try and do something more ‘interesting’ instead of taking care of business. To be honest with you, I hated this part of myself but instead of addressing the issue I would ignore it instead. I would tell myself that it was nothing, we’re all lazy at times so what! no problem here eh? I’ve let my life fall to bits at times because I was too idle to do what was needed, I just couldn’t be bothered!

It becomes a downward spiral of negativity as you can imagine because the more you think about what needs to be done, the more you tend to put things off. Earlier this year I did the black sun exercise which certainly got me motivated for a while as it makes you consider what you really want in your life. This can put you in the mood to have a spring clean and get rid of all the accumulated chaff. The black sun can also get you fired up to find answers to certain things that may have puzzled you for years, which can stir anything from mild curiosity within you to full blown obsession. So it does get you motivated but this tends to come to a halt after its cycle has completed.

I finally realised that my idle nature was a major problem and decided to do something about this magically once and for all. I planned a ritual in advance but started getting results two days before it was scheduled. This happens at times due to the non-linear nature of spiritual response, it’s a welcomed hiccup in the process that always amazes me when it occurs. Anyway, I was led to using ‘affirmations’ and an interesting idea cropped up here that I’ve never thought about before?

Now affirmations as many of you know are worded statements to try and motivate us but in my experience, they can fail miserably because the mind can reject any false statement, especially when it thinks that these new changes could cause us harm as they may have done in the past. This mental conflict either produces a complete stand still or the opposite effect to try and protect us from danger and the more willpower we exert here, the more our mind digs its heels in.

The article I read however spoke about altering affirmations from their usual format of a statement into a question instead. So I got the idea to compose an affirmation and consecrate it in the coming ritual, which would allow me to use this structure but ‘paint’ over it with magic thereby giving it a good boost of power!

The affirmation I created with these new ideas became…

Why am I so motivated to attend to all, that needs my attention

I then placed this in the triangle to be charged by the spirit as I planned on using an entity from Mars. Their energies are centred around strong impulsive motives and all those raw qualities that I was looking for so I decided to call on my old pal, who is the Olympic spirit of Mars. When he arrived at the back of me as he always does (he never appears in front of me), he told me to put the paper on the altar and baptise it with some of the ritual water I had in the goblet and leave it here over night. He also told me to not worry about repeating the statement often, which is the usual case with affirmations.

I was to retrieve it first thing in the morning, carry it on me always and whenever I got the urge, I was to say the affirmation and then not concern myself about it at all until I felt like saying it again. This would simply let the power built up over time. Once again, this was contradictory to the usual instruction you get with affirmations as you are told to repeat them many times, or even write them out a lot but I have faith in this mighty warrior of Mars, I would never contradict him or ignore his guidance for I know how good he is with physical effects.

Without going into detail here because there’s no need, I can say that the results have been amazing using this method. It works really well as you are not lying to yourself with false statements, or causing potential fear to erupt. You are instead asking to find out the ‘motive’ behind your desire, so you frame it into a question instead and place it into a completed scenario, which in this case becomes the present tense. Now mix this with evokation and ‘Voila’, it creates a powerful talisman!

Saying ‘why am I so motivated to attend to all, that needs my attention’ stops any rejection and prompts a request to find the answer, or the mind will answer you back alternatively with a response, so it will motivate you instead of reinforcing your idleness. This is indeed a clever alternative to the usual phrasing, which would be something like this…‘I am motivated, focused and full of energy’. This would probably result in absolutely nothing happening at all when spoken by the average lazy basturd!

Procrastination is a nuisance and most of us will encounter it somewhere down the line. I knew myself I needed to rid this crap out of my life as it was causing no end of problems. Magicians need to be in control of motivation because we need to act, we need to follow guidance from spirit and take the opportunities they give us but if we procrastinate, then we cannot fulfil our side of the deal and act accordingly to receive our desires.

It’s funny.Yesterday i was typing a new thread about afformations and i deleted it because my gramar is shity and now i’m seeing this one from savodonger.
Search for Noah St John book ‘‘Afformations’’.No time to explain it here, but afformations are affirmations in a form of a question like savodonger posted.

Good post. I felt like one of the spirits was trying to say something to me thru this post because it was the first post I was lead to on the forum this morning. I’ve always been one to procrastinate with things I dislike, like waiting to do my homework or that annoying 5,000 word college essay at the last minute, putting off my laundry, the usual things that most people put off. My meds have taken care of some of that, I do my chores now right when they need to be done.

Lately, I’ve been procrastinating with the things I enjoy and it’s definitely not because of laziness, like I said I only procrastinate out of laziness when it involves something I dislike doing. My current problem is that I am taking on too many projects at once, many things I love doing and my mind cannot decide which is more important at the moment and because I enjoy them all they are all equally as important and fun to me so my mind goes back and forth! I prepare to write some things for my book but find myself adding products to my online stores. I plan to make a new youtube video for magick instructional purposes but find myself writing articles for my blog.

I’ve been thinking of getting some spirit help for this because I love all of my current projects and want to finish them all on time but I realize there is only so much time in a day and only so much the human mind can focus on at one time. We may think we are multi taskers but recent experiments have revealed most of us truly are not and we fail miserably at it when tested by neuroscientists and psychologists for experimental purposes. We can go back n forth between different things at once but we cannot focus on both at once. Sure we can read a book while taking a dump on the john but we can’t read and watch Tv at the same time without losing over half of the content we read or watched. And if you think about it, the guys that read while sitting on the pot/loo end up staying in there for an hour for something that should’ve taken 10 minutes so we can’t even multi task like that without our brain taking priority over the book and forgetting we are in the bathroom.

I thought seeking help to better prioritize would be something too miniscule to ask a spirit for help with and that I’d be wasting their time but I think something lead me to this post to show me a different way. A way I can get a spirit involved but still help myself at the same because my problem is more complex than a simple spell can solve, I need to be whipped into shape with the aid of a spirit.

I make lists for myself all the time and thought about making a schedule, it doesn’t have to be for set times because adults can’t always follow a set time schedule for fun activities so I thought I’d make a list of the things I need to get done and just make sure I devote at least 10 mins. per day working on each task. I figured 10 mins. per day is better than nothing at all because even 10 mins. after the end of one month is enough time to complete one or two tasks on the list and the ongoing tasks that have no ending, well in a month with just minutes per day that’s still enough time to get 40-100 new products listed in my stores, or 10 new videos on youtube.

Thing is, I can’t even do that because when I go to force myself to (example) make a youtube vid one day I find that I cannot think straight enough that day to compile the content together for a new video and my test video ends up being 30 mins. long because I ramble endlessly trying to remember what I wanted to say and I can’t upload boring videos like that. If the issue is not focus, then I find that I’m just not in the mood to do that task today. My mind is selective and I can only focus on whatever I’m in the mood for at that time.

So one day if I’m fixated on writing, then I write 80 new pages for my book and nothing else and the next day maybe I’ll spend all my time making new vids to upload but I feel like doing it this way like my projects take forever to complete. I haven’t blogged in like 2 weeks so I feel like I’m letting my followers down but I want the content to be new and challenging, I don’t want to be one of those annoying bloggers that makes 90 useless posts per month just to fill space and keep the blog active so I only post when I have something useful to say. Is that a bad thing?

Although I should be able to record at least one new video today if I plan it out now before they leave this afternoon. In fact, I think you just inspired me Savodonger! I just got an idea for a poppet somewhat related to this topic.

It can be hard to concentrate and focus on tasks when you have a lot of interests. It’s a bit like being a kid again and looking at all the sweets (Candy) in the shop, there’s just too much choice so the mind finds it difficult to decide.

One option is simply not enough as we then feel that we have no choice at all so our motivation can subside. Having only two choices is a fucking nightmare because this can cause the mind to fluctuate between the pair like a schizophrenic with dilemma issues. manufacturers know that 3 is a good number as it allows the customer to get more creative and make a choice they feel is right for them, so this kinda makes them feel like they are in control if you know what I mean.

Numbers and multiples do effect our life more than people think so my advice to you Raven in your situation, would be to prioritise your main interests and try and cull it down to your three favourites as the mind seems to find this multiple better for our creative tasks. It is hard to put some of your interests on the ‘back shelf’ but if you don’t, you’ll be back to the kid in the candy shop with too much choice again?

Good explanation of Afformations here written by Noah St.John himself - I think this stuff is sheer genius. :slight_smile:

These are good tools for time management as well:

An archetypal “Important, Not Urgent” item from the 2nd system is exercise, which only becomes urgent when lack of it has begun to affect your health, and so on.

That often gets bumped out of people’s schedules for other stuff, so it’s useful to make sure a certain percentage of “must do” tasks a day are from that list.