How to get this girl

There’s a girl in my class that looks just like the one I put on my vision board, should I use magik or just go with the flow ?


Hey that sounds great. In my opinion having an experience like this and really messing things up, sort of both.

The fact that she is the one from your dream board shows the magick is already working. Thus you should go with the flow.

The fact that you are asking shows you are not going with the flow and that in itself could be the biggest thing to watch out for in assuring that your magick works from here.

If I could do it all over again, I would do less (generally) but do more in allowing myself to accept and receive the results of the magick the right way.

I’m not too sure I can offer you as much advice on that as I would like but I got a new book today that suggests an angel that should be able to help with that.

Now if you got to book Angels of Alchemy it would show you the exact ritual and that should probably give you better results, however I find just by thinking of your intention and calling out the angels name (while singing the name) a few times is enough to get the angels attention and start putting into motion what you want.

The Angel I am referring to is Kevashiel
Pronounced KEH-VAH-SHE-ELL

Perhaps another one or two to compliment this is
Paniel to get people to notice you

Or Kavtziel that can help you feel more at ease in a social situation.
Pronounced Kahv-tzee-ell.


You mean the girl in your class emerged into your experience after you put the lookalike on the vision board?



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That’s the real deal, i.e. your consciousness is the true reality. Everything else is an arrangement of your Infinite Consciousness. No limits. The rituals and entities they are just aspects of your True Self. Conditions follow consciousness not the other way around. That’s what the Law of Attraction suggests and it is exactly true except at the level of Ultimate Being that is beyond cause-and-effect.

Go with the flow or add magick/ritual and go with the flow. Ritual just helps create a stronger connection at the level of physical consciousness and detach from the limiting ego/physical consciousness via an entity but it still is just consciousness that’s at play continually in all conditions.


Yea I manifested my dog off the board in one month got a great deal on him, a new laptop for half it’s original price in 2 months, I have some bigger things and I know they will come I have started seeing my dream car 5x as frequently and that’s what happened before I manifested my dog, dream boards are the real deal , I even changed my personality by putting a movie character and just telling myself I act like him and it works

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Reading this response:

I would first go with the flow, since you seemed to have manifested everything else mentioned above, into reality. See where things go. Where do you want them to go?

Save using magick and expending that energy for after you decide if you even want this girl and if going with the flow isn’t working for you.


Never use magic first just take time go with it


That’s how it works. Consciousness to its illusory external condition that shifts automatically but with the consciousness. Convictions produce relatively stable conditions. At the level of deliberate creation: imagination is the only force in existence.

Use Magick.

Never apologize for being a God


Do both.

Go approach her if you can, while doing something to maximize any attraction she might have or develop toward you.

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I want to but the class is usually busy all the time and I’m very introverted, don’t want to make excuses but should I use visualization to create a scene I want

Your subconscious mind won’t take you seriously if you visualize her speakign to you and then punk out when she’s actually in front of you. APPROACH!

…but make sure you have a good opener and transition before you approach. There’s no point in jumping in the water if you can’t swim. Preparation is key.

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My advice is go get it take action man if you don’t approach right now than later will be too late don’t make that same mistake that I did. I liked a girl and waited a very long time and by the time I waited she got into a relationship this would have prevented it if i have just talk to the girl and told her how I felt from the beginning but when I did it was already too late. Look man just fucken go up to her just fucken do it and if she says no will hey man at least you fucken did it bro. Don’t be a betamale look if you want something go and get it. Take it . It’s yours just go man and if she rejects you man just say enjoy the rest of the day and move on and if she’s looks at you just smile and look away and keep it moving. Look woman are not going to approach. Men have to do all the approaching.

ahhh…the magickal pick up course

I’ll let you know when she’s mine in a month

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