How to get this done?

So someone privately to me has multiple times sent me really abusive messages

The problem is that they act totally different to everyone else and are liked…

I would love for others to experience this side of them bc if I tell them… I’m either not believed, or I feel like people will think I’m just trying to cause drama

This person is just bizarre in that they can gain sympathy and attention yet the truth of it is they are really vile but make out it’s my fault, like it doesn’t even run straight - they say they’re upset about something, I reply compassionately… they respond as though I am the most evil person, it’s like parts of a conversation are missing as I’m literally left scratching my head and then when I say I am clueless they’ll be like “don’t play games, I’m fucking fuming, you don’t wanna piss me off anymore”…

I’ve lost my patience with it, I felt sorry for them and bc of shared friendships it was easier to try getting along but I’ve blocked them on everything now but I would truly love to be totally vindicated by someone else experiencing this side of them and seeing for themselves

I don’t think others would be anywhere near as patient and forgiving as myself and I really want this person to learn and tbh be blocked by at least one other person- I actually have a specific person in mind as I know if they did… it would impact a lot of people’s opinions at once

I’ve already left one friendship circle trying to avoid this person yet then they made their way into a new one where I was and apologised to me for the previous time they were vile so I welcomed them and yet new circle, rinse and repeat… it’s like they follow me and cause isms and schisms with friendships I have, mostly bc when on the end of it- you need to vent to someone but you can’t vent to people who like this person and haven’t experienced the wierdness of it for themselves

I guess what I want is a massive fallout with someone else and them and them to have to finally own their shit to a lot of people bc of it

Don’t normally ever want to cause harm but I am so fed up and frustrated with it

So… magickally… how do I get this done?

It seems you have encountered a Narcissist.

Raum is good for taking enemies down along with their reputations. Agares is also great for this.

Leraje is great for killing friendships and causing them to turn on each other also.

I also do a curse with a black skull candle for such people if they push themselves into my life causing chaos and misery.

Hope this helps and good luck


Thank you- do you find you have any negative comebacks from doing curses?

I’ll look into those

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Never. I do not curse for no reason or minimal reasons I can work out myself

. Cursing has its place in Magick , just like healing. It is just part of a skill set a Mage has to use if things call for it in my view.

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Thanks… I’ve tried working this out myself and just fallen flat every time so I’ll give it a shot

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When I fear about consequences I evoke Tuku from Necronomicon Spellbook to curse my enemy.

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Do you work with any spirits or Demons presently?

I do have angels and demons I’ve worked with, mostly I use NAP but I don’t have any particular relationships with any… more I try something and see if it works

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Ok. Pm me if you need any ritual info

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