How to get sprits to come into my dorm room using my ouija board?

Hello, I’m trying to do a technique shared by another member on one of my threads that uses a highly haunted ouija board. So I’m in my dorm room and I just took my board out for a few minutes and asked things out loud like “if there is anyone, please come” “move this planchette to talk to me” and even went as far as saying things like “if there is anything here and it doesn’t talk [to me], then you’re a coward/pussy” and 'I dare you to come here and talk to me" and still nothing. I have a metaphorical big neon sign inviting in spirits (especially poltergeists) to come to my dorm room, or I’m laying some hot steamy thanksgiving turkey to a kennel full of [hungry?] dogs, yet they strangely don’t want my gift that they should go crazy for.

It was only for a few minutes with my hands on the planchette, but I cut it short because one of my roommates suddenly came back and I felt embarrassed and almost unconsciously put the board back in its box and in a drawer ASAP, so I think either that could be why nothing noticeable came, or here’s another idea why I think it didn’t work-I’m not in a place with a lot, if any, [hungry] spirits around, so that’s why none came to my board and moved the planchette and I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel any pull on my hands. Would doing it at a more haunted location, such as a cemetery, be a good way to get spirits like poltergeists attached to that board, and once they are, I could finally use that board to screw with people if I [subtly] left it in, under, or very close to their house?

Also, I don’t give a shit if they’re noisy (even at night), move shit around to the point of creating a mess, or even try clawing at me or something, I’m trying to gather as much shit on my board as possible so I can make it cause chaos if I place near the place of someone who’s been fucking with me or an innocent person.

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Hiya OP! Uncontrolled poltergeist activity is no bueno, and shouldn’t be encouraged- it provides precedence for symbolic translation, like your shit getting moved around in your life without your control! Controlled activity is fine, it’s when you encourage anything that when, well, anything goes! :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to configure the board as a range-based talisman, enchant it! Pull the energy of the probabilities you’re trying to manifest into it, and lock them into a pattern of balanced generation so you don’t blow something up. You could also lock nasty energy in there and carve patterns into it to trap base demonic spirits, but that creates a kind of toxicity you probably don’t want to sleep on. You can also create a servitor to process what you want the board to do, attach the two, and send them off! :slight_smile:


Its hard to get spirit stuff to work if other non-spiritual people who arn’t into the ritual come in and interrupt. Its like spirits know about it and don’t show even before the so called interruption. If you want to do stuff, time and place where no one will disturb you is way better.

For the ouija board, traditionally to close it out, you move the planchette towards Goodbye, but honestly, I think oujia is kind of a clumsy method of spirit communication.

I applaud you for your courage and say go balls to the wall and try cemetery at night and whatever else.

Not sarcasm either.

Let us know


If you want a spirit to go after people who are messing with you, why not find one that you’re interested in or that you “click” with to start working with and building a relationship with. With a good relationship, I would think you could simply ask them to go get people who are fucking with you. Not only that, but they can help you in other areas of your life too. The way you’re going about it just seems kinda reckless if you ask me.

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That big of bite might be one u can’t chew ! Whom knows what could come thru but we all know who comes too retrieve and who pays for the door left open ? You or possibly your whole affected to pay that price there attitude will be different than yours but you can make choices before hand there’s no turning back after

The problem with your outlined plan is that the spirits that will come pouring through the gateway you’ve opened will not be linked to the board, but rather to you. You are the gateway; the Ouija board is only a tool that allows you to open your subconscious mind up to these influences and translate it into something your conscious mind can detect.

Now, it’s certainly possible to build up a relationship with the wandering spirits, tricksters, and vengeful dead that are most easily contacted via Ouija, and in turn you can attempt to direct these forces against targets according to your discretion. The ability to banish and/or exorcise is a must here.

Keep in mind, though, that many people find it difficult to use the Ouija board by themselves successfully at first, especially if they’re not natural mediums. It usually takes a long period of getting used to working with the board in a group of people in order to achieve that critical energy and momentum.