How to get rid of this

I’ve sometimes been feeling a weird energy, it forces me to say and do things against my will and I don’t like . How do I get rid of this awful energy?? Is someone using magick against me??

Sounds strange , keep me updated , do an LBRP, google it

Yes I Will do it right now

In my experience it is your shadow

Ok cool

Update: not good

Like my shadow self??

What happened .

Yes. You might have so many repressed things that it is taking over (not that I can know that but it sounds like it)

As I was lying down in my bed and coping with this anxiety, I almost wanted to say things to my people against my will. I live with a group of people and it’s really hard to suppress myself, as I once again, wanted to almost say things I don’t like and against my will

I hope it’s my shadow self because anything other than that makes it really uneasy

Go drink a glass of water and offer it as an offering to The Archangel Gabriel , do it 3 times daily for a week .

The shadow self doesn’t force you to do things against your will, the shadow self is the aspect of you that you keep buried down the shadow self presents itself in ways where you have to face the truth of your insecurities and such. However, you should check off some questions, such as is it your own thoughts? is it occult? what brought you to the idea that it’s a foreign energy, etc.

Thank you what else?

It’s literally a feeling, but an unpleasant feeling. As if I have to say things against my will, no one on this forum have found me a solution

So you’re sure it’s occult? was every possibility assessed?

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I don’t know, I think it has something to do with entities having put this feeling in me, or my enemies, I don’t know where it comes from, is it just me overthinking things or did someone else do it

That’s why I’m asking, why do you think you have enemies? why do you think entities would go to such lengths to do so?

My enemies got exposed they might be some form of revenge

I disagree, if there is too much of repressed things it can manifest as something really scary. It won´t hurt or damage you for sure but it will make you constantly feel uncomfortable.