How to get rid of horrible bosses

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I wasn’t sure if this should go somewhere else but I couldn’t find a suitable sub forum. In the interim I’m sure a mod can move this topic if necessary.

So I’m being bullied in the job I’m in, because I’m a locum I do not have the same protections as an employee.

Bullying is being caused by management. I’m being overloaded with cases and having worked a 12 hour shift still isn’t making a dent in any of the work I do. Management are also supporting the security guards shouting at me when I don’t leave the building by a certain time. This is just a summary as I don’t want to go in to too much detail.

My team are lovely though, it’s just management/security who are a big problem. I’ve been working in the mundane to help with this: I’ve raised a complaint but again locums do not have the same rights as employees so that will do very little. I’m looking for other jobs and I’m looking to speak to an employment solicitor. I’m still debating if I should speak to an employment solicitors firms who is one of our direct competitors.

But the big question is: magically what can I do to help myself? Specifically is there a specific entity or spell that can help with this?

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A lot… Sigils…entities… Etc

Thanks. I was wondering if there was a specific entity or spell to use. My bad, maybe i should edit my opening post to make that clearer.

Is there any entity you’ve already been I’m contact with?


No. I thought I’d come and ask here as I’m not really sure what entity specialises in employment issues

Not exactly employment issues per say… But there are numerous beings who can get you what you want but it won’t be a one shot deal

Can you specify some, also could you clarify by what you mean by “it won’t be a one shot deal”

It won’t be like"be gone horrible boss" …and poof he magically disappears

Haha. Of course I suspect that this will take time as I know magic takes time and effort. One of them has pre existing conditions so he could very well disappear depending on what happens to him.

Try Ant’harratu.

He’s from the Book of Azazel and is all about building your empire, which includes having the perfect working environment. I gave him free reign last year, and it’s slow, but he gets it right. I actually ended up having Azazel and he persuade me to move jobs, (I was solid where I was, and my new boss sounded kinda bullying and I didn’t know if I wanted to deal with him) then my closest coworker resigned and I got all his projects, and my boss (who was lovely actually) was let go - in the current climate these help secure my position while giving me greater value and visibility.

Doesn’t hurt to have a word. As long as, if he throws another job at you he thinks is better, be ‘open minded’ as they said, about considering it.


Thanks for your insightful post. Does Ant’harratu have an enn on YouTube that I can listen too?

Yes… That’ll do too

I don’t think he’s on the radar of the Demonolatry crowd. (That’s the religion that invented enns) But I’m not a Demonolater, so I could be wrong.

The Book of Azazel is free to listen to on youtube on E. A. Koetting’s channel. His sigil is posted around here I think as well. (It’s probably still my favourite grimoire really, but I develop soft spots for things that give me good memories)


Thanks for yet another insightful and interesting post. I’ll see if I can summon him Tonight.

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Ok can someone plz explain me tis tat mean i can use for multitasking issues,? Such move obstacles, curses peopls, but wat about money issues, such recover a loan,? May gess is yes but if someone can clarify ,be great thanks.

This isn’t a magical answer, but I think @Mulberry covered that extensively.

I was in a bullying situation with management previously at a medium sized company. Trust me. It doesn’t get better, even for those of us that are FTE’s (which I was). I second this:

I sometimes believe that things like this happen because the universe is telling you to move on. This is just my opinion though. I’ve usually found myself in a much better situation by leaving a negative one–BUT–always make sure you’re making the right move and not one out of desperation to escape a bad time (I’ve done this).

I hope your workings with Ant’harratu are successful. Sorry to hear that you’re having to deal with such a garbage situation.


Belial is also good for making bullying stop, as it is an abuse of power and he hates that.


Thanks. Good to know. I’ve worked with Belial before and would like to work with him again but he is currently dealing with another matter for me and I am worried about offending him by giving him too much to do

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