How to get rid of evil new boss skilled in occult FAST?

Hey guys so I need some advice on how to get rid of a disturbing boss FAST.
This scumbag has not even been employed for a month and is wreaking havoc.
I have been working and working on her but it is taking a toll. Headaches, near misses with accidents have been affecting me. I have also had a really low appetite and i have not been eating, Had a meeting with HR and I scored a victory though not as comprehensive as I would have liked.

Can anyone suggest anything so get rid of her fast. I have done a bunch of stuff mostly goetic. I am also going to comb through old posts.


I would call upon Belial.


Sever the chakra at the base of the skull. That will remove all ability for the average human to perform magick or use psychic abilities. What is causing this conflict to begin with? Might be easier to just stop the fighting and let things settle.


Read corwin hangrove book, goetia path working I am sure you will find something.

Damon brand too, in his book 72 angels of magick has an angel to help on that.

Archangel helps to stop bullying, harassment etc if you’re only looking to stop his havoc but not making her lose the job.

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Hoot foot oil. You can also summon Hecate to reveal his true self to his supervisors. Those too have worked wonders for me