How To Get My Ex Back?

Watain- finally some black metal- and in a love spell thread of all places to find- :+1:. That’s a joke. Off topic man sorry I’m terrible for that. Anyways it is uncanny that I stumbled upon this as I was getting ready to start a thread on the subject. I could go on and on but here’s the long and longer of it. I have a child with a woman and we’ve been together for quite some time. The first spell I ever performed was a candle love spell and you could’ve knocked me over with a feather when the next day she called me for coffee next morning and without any provocation kisses me- I left thinking holy shit it worked!!! But it didn’t last and things turned icy cold again. I’ve tried the candle spell multiple times which I’ve sorta been told can negate since if you don’t have the belief in the first what’s the point in more. However I belived and willed as strong as I could and even have a good chunk of her hair as a fetish link- she has very long hair and I’m always there clearing her shower drain- anyways I’ve tried things have gone back and forth up and down but nothing solid or terribly intimate. So tried candle spells more times then I can count, sigils, and have tried stepping it up a notch with trying evoking sallos almost everyday usually twice- once in morning once in evening and only once did I feel a vibe back. Nothing has worked.
But what interested me and prompted me to reply to this post was the comment of doing the candle spell multiple times. One thing- and it ain’t just love spells- I’ve had difficulty with is and this comes from EAs videos is to forget about having performed the ritual. We’ll be it love or hate- I could go on and on there about the laws of polarity there but that’s not what this is about- is the anxiety that comes along with having performed ritual- I mean when your so in love with someone it’s hard not to think of all lengths gone through to have them back. I think you know what I mean. To this day I’m baffled as to why the first candle spell and first ever magikal undertaking worked briefly then dissolves rapidly. I didn’t do anything to take it for granted or anything stupid. Please no “remember the good times and move on” comments because I think I’ll throw up.

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One thing I forgot to add- the root causes and biggest causes for conflict when we were together as a family (I have two boys from another and she has two from others) under one roof ironed themselves out and are no longer a situation and non-issue or obstacle soon after she left. That’s part of what makes things so frustrating

Then again maybe this wasn’t an appropriate place to post as it’s for love spells that worked- it worked for a very brief time than got worse and I’m going on and on how nothing seems to work so maybe I was wrong to post here

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Yeah, I moved this to its own topic because those “Magick that worked” threads are meant to be JUST that, kind of mini forum grimoires of techniques and spirits that successfully did the job for someone. :slight_smile:

Lots of people have an agenda to “prove” magick, or black magick, won’t get results, so having threads where it plainly did (and keeping them focused and on-topic) helps people make that leap of faith into their own power.

Did you try any of the methods in that thread?