How to get money back from people who owe you a lot!?


My bother is one of those guys who can even empty the wealth of Rothschilds. Because of him my dad and my mom gave a lot of money to his friends as soft loans and in some cases with little interest. Not even one has repaid, not even interest and my brother is too proud to ask the money back from his friends. Sadly, he still hangs out with them.

Could someone with experience tell me which demon can help me to get all the money back from all the people who owe my family?



Ever considered working with YAMA, the god of death. He is also settler of accounts, I think he can help.


King Paimon.





Also, Nitika (not a demon though)


@Goku Thanks but I think it will be an overkill to work with Yama on this

@DarkestKnight Thanks


if you are familiar with any of the books by the Gallery of Magick, there is a ritual in “Magical Riches,” by Damon Brand, for Getting People to Pay Up. that can be used as well.


Great, thanks will definitely try it.


I recommend Andromalius entirely for this kind of situation




Le the know if you need any help with Andromalius such as offerings etc. Good luck.


Several times I have used the primordial spirits of Jupiter ritual written by J D Temple from E A’s anthology of sorcery third anniversary book and it has been second to none in getting people to pay up and the quickness with which it works was astounding and right now no one owes me a penny because of it.
If you don’t have a copy of the ritual J D has done a practical video on u tube where you can see what it is all about. Create the result. It’s like farming money.


Sure thing, thanks

@Herbie Interesting, thanks for the video.