How to get laid

How Do I get laid by summoning demons?

Build a relationship with an entity.

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Do a forum search…this topic has been covered repeatedly.

Good luck :+1:


Command your reality into existence

There is a necessity to use also mundane means. Here and on another occult forum I read about Corey Wayne and Valentino Kohen, so see if (for example on their videos) there are tips you may find useful. Heart chakra and either Svadhishtana or Muladhara (or both) are probably important too, so concentrate on the middle of your chest, below the navel and lower end of bonetail, using the respective mantras “Yam”, “Vam” and “Lam”.

It’s important to remember that magick doesn’t stop when you step out of the ritual. All of your thoughts and actions set the universe in motion.

A lot of the time, when people turn to magick for sex and love, it is because they feel deficient or powerless on the “mundane” plane of “ordinary” waking life. But in order to be an effective magician you need to bring your power into the totality of your experience. Your will should permeate every act of body, speech, and mind.

One of my favorite quotes from Seth, an entity channeled by Jane Roberts is “Action is thought in physical motion, outwardly perceived.” That really drove home to me that although it is true that thoughts create reality, actions are just a denser manifestation of thoughts.

In order to get laid with frequency, I recommend becoming the highest version of yourself. Try invoking your highest self ideal often, visualizing what that person would be like. A guy who gets laid a lot because he is so awesome, who possesses the virtues the types of girls (or guys) you want would respect and desire. Then let that higher ideal inhabit your body.

This is what I call creating a magical time loop, bringing the excellence of the future into the present.

Do that and it will you out on this front :slight_smile: