How to get fast results in evocation?

I know that if I perform a ritual it’s gonna come pass no matter what it is. But the more unrealistic the desire is the more time it’ll take to come pass.

I had some issues that I needed to take care of. I don’t have a lot of area or privacy to do rites. So I customize the rites the way it fits. I most of my rites are conducted on my table in my bedroom. And it’s quite small. So I don’t perform banishing or opening rites just get into the rituals. This makes my rites less potent. And results are not coming :disappointed_relieved:
I need some ideas to make my rituals more effective?
Thanks :joy:

Just some advice. Potency has nothing to do with extra steps, temple bling and ceremonial formalities. Potency in magick is a formula that combines:

  • feasibility of desired result
  • will of the caster
  • absolute faith in magick, or belief. Yes it is real! Convinced?
  • link between the caster and the target/goal. Need sigils? Hair? Picture? Car magazine? Research? Strong mental image?
  • gnosis / trance

A brilliant occultist, Peter J. Carroll in his book Liber Null and the Psychonaut details a nice Maths formula that ties in all the variables. It is truly wonderful to behold.

So with evocation, studying or getting to know the entities on your own time to establish a firm grasp on what they can do can help you make things go faster. Read up on member’s experiences with these entities too. Why? Because you will know a bit about them of course. Don’t forget EA’s Evoking Eternity. Read it to the end, since it talks about your Astral temple.

Nothing wrong with what you are doing.