How to get a succubus to sleep with you for the night?

So I was wondering is there any way I can get a succubus spirit to make themselves look like my ex and have sex with me until I find whatever partner Sallos has for me? I really do miss the old days with my ex sexually man. I’m just saying

Just use your imagination. Still, you could summon anything you wish because it is all a play on consciousness. Your intent will suffice if you are perceptive enough.

You don’t need any special ritual to summon a succubus who would help you in this and in this form, they’ll know your interest, what you wishing for. You can make a pact with her - for it could be a pact, anyway - because you connected to your ex and not the Demon. So technically this is all about getting back your ‘past pleasures and memories’ till you don’t get anyone else, which isn’t really a good decision, anyway.

There are several ways up to you, but there isn’t 100% that They will support you as you want, rather “force” you to move forwards and overcome this, which would be the most healthy and good to you and to your development.

Stucking in the past will make you lot of bad days.


Find the right one that’s friendly or you’ll have one vamping your sexual energy. You don’t want that, or else you’ll recoil and lack energy. I can’t speak from any personal place as I don’t wish to, but there is a bodily tingle you’ll achieve once you’ve encountered one which will be accompanied by a good fucksesh to say the least. Ecstatic and you’ll feel it in every cell.

P.s curtis I’ll get back to the natal wheel in PM, just give me a day or two I’ve been quite busy… as always.

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Succubus and incubus do have standards and they do feed on sexual energy so if you can offer one a good or decent amount maybe. I tend to find it hard to believe a succubus or incubus would be like “heck yeah sex with anyone!” Unless you want a thoughtform succubus then there’s that route. However there’s nothing wrong with offering sexual energy if they aren’t like taking all of it whenever they want and only for that night.

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@succupedia Thoughts?

Thanks! Lol. And how did you know I posted something? You came quickly

Btw, does not having sex or not Masterbating retain sexual energy?? Like will I have more of it if I practice abstinence??

Also does watching porn or something increase my sexual energy / Aura as well?

That depends on you, some believe the longer you don’t do it the more you store. However, I never really experienced that.

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