How to get a spirit's sigil that isn't in books or such?

I know EA has done a video on this before, but in the video he focused more on reaching into the aether and pulling out a spirit’s sigil randomly, I’m looking for the sigil of Thoth (Egyptian “God”), not necessarily to evoke, but just to communicate -if anyone has other ways of connecting to spirits without their sigil please do tell.

In my experience with working with Thoth in the past I’ve come to the conclusion that he isn’t a god, just percieved as one. (Without going into too much detail, the communication I’ve had with him is always on the astral plane and is completely random and uncontrollable for me, so I need a reliable way of talking).

Is it this?

You can also use one of the hieroglyphs of his name, they are sigils. Or better yet get a statue of him. having an idol of a spirit is a great way to get a deeper relationship with them.

Asmoday I saw that in my research, although when I tested it out I got little to no result, so knocked it on the head. I think it’s just a general art thing rather than an actual sigil. Charles, I do have a good sized statue of Thoth on my desk, how would you go about establishing a connection using a statue though? My guess would be like an evocation where you repeat the name and connect like you would in a ritual?

You can also make a sigil using the Rose Cross and it’s name.

First make a sacred space for it. An altar, Something that’s big enough for the idol,candles,incense burner,etc. And do a ritual where you declare that you want the statue to be your link with Thoth. And then start treating it like a living thing. Talk to it, give offerings to it,(all the egyptian gods love beer from what i’ve seen) say hymns and incantations to it. The more you do things like that the stronger the connection with him will become.