How to find your next girlfriend

Do you know the best demon that could help you meet someone new that’s attractive so you can date them. Also a spirit that could help you hookup with random people. These are two different things. One being how to find someone to commit to a long term relationship and one to just fuck around with. Is sallos good for finding one for long term relationships? How about the second one?

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Sallos is excellent for that! And some people I’ve heard said he can have 3 girlfriends and 2 fuck buddys with Sallos help haha. All about your intention !


Take my advice and just look for one or the other. Cause if you want a ltr and you are screwing around on them, you are going to be in a world of hurt if they find out and then it’s bye bye relationship. There is also Sitri, Dantalion and Rosier to name a few. Figure out what you really want to do though.


What I did is actually I made a sigil for it and a few months later I found the love of my life if I remember right I put “she will be beautiful be into magic and love me no matter what” and that’s exactly what I got granted when she came I panicked I wanted her I asked spirits for help and I don’t know which one did it but she actually had a dream she kissed me we’ve Ben together ever since

Also if you want alone time to speak to someone Gremory is the way to go anytime I asked for help shortly after perfect time to talk to them


Collect slips with large amounts of money printed on them that people discard at automatic teller machines. Get at least a couple of really good ones. Go to a bar. When a hot bitch is at the bar ordering a drink, get beside her at the bar and when you pull your money out, by sheer accident, at least one of these ATM slips with a huge amount of money printed on it falls out onto the bar near her. She’ll pick it up, quickly scan it and hand it back just so she can talk to you.

Shamefully effective.