How to find the right rental home

Who would you go to or what would you do when searching for a rental house in a certain area at a certain price with a good landlord?

The archangel Kamael, who has the power to “Increase the quality of that which is actively sought.”

There is a sigil for him in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick.


Some thoughts on rental homes:

Why would one not recieve a callback I questioned? One of the reasons like businesses, a home owner will “claim a loss” to help regulate Tax’s so it maximizes the Return, which would be the house being rented out.

Im not a business person, but perhaps something to keep in mind is that there are underlying motivations of why people would do something, such as the Request needing to match up to somehow validate their Checkbook Reasoning. I guess something to keep in mind when doing magick.

I have no clue what you’re talking about. I never mentioned not receiving a call back or even making a call to begin with.

The reason I am asking for help with this is because I’m in Los Angeles. Many landlords as well as management companies are scam artists. I would like certain things in my rental which given the location include fair market value and a decent, moral landlord.

Good luck with that. Real Estate is full of ScumLords. Your looking for The 1% of the 1% of Land Lords.

My best advice is just magick, spirits and remote influence. By Default alot of people can be scum. But when properly influenced they will literally bend over for an Ass Fucking and a Smile on their face as if you were the greatest thing since White Bread.

Beleth - Love opens many doors.
Bune - bring mone and an aura of value to the table.
Belial - especially when dealing with the corrupt…he can make you highly favored.

I call these the 3 B’$.