How to find out the correct demon to make a pact with?

My name is Brian Hill and its a pleasure to be on here. I want to make a pact with a demon for riches, the physical appearance of my choosing, and a happy life.

Well, first, introduce yourself in our Intro thread and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is one of the rules of this forum. Click the link below:

Second, in the upper right, you will find a magnifying glass icon. That is the search function. Use it and read the many, many threads all about making pacts.

Third, pacts will not solve your life problems. Magick doesn’t work that way.

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My name is Brian Hill and I just realized the truth.

Click the link I provided above and do an intro properly.

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For riches, look into spirit BUNE. For altering your appearance, a demon can teach you how to alter your astral body and appearance in that plane. Doing this will also affect the impression you make in the physical plane. Example: You make your astral body into a dragon, and this intimidates an opponent but he just doesn’t understand why. It is because your spirit is large and dragonlike.


Read a book and chose a daemon. You can choose there demons not from a religion .