How to find out a sigil for a lesser known demon?

I am looking for a sigil for the lesser known demon known as Omen but I can’t find anything. Is there any way which I can find the sigil to evoke him or is it really hard to?

In truth, you don’t actually need a sigil to evoke a deamon.

Call out it’s name and verify existence have it provide a sigil. Otherwise, more research… maybe asking other deamons about that particular one. Whatever.


i agree with this^ but you can also make your own sigil for the spirit if you dont feel confident in just calling their name.

take then name get rid of the vowels and use whats left in anyway that feels right


Use Rose wheel. Just by having its name you can chalk out its sigil. Works great.


What does omen do?
Where did you get this name?

Here’s something on it.


Maybe they could give more?