How to find local magicians?

Does anyone here know of a “meetup” kind of group for occultists and magicians? I’d like to create a local discussion group, perhaps even a teaching group, but I’m unsure how to find others in my area. Any suggestions? (I know Witches have Witchvox, but I wasn’t sure if there was one for ritualists and/or magicians.)


Please keep in mind that it is against the forum rules for any outside groups to recruit or advertise here, so no one can provide links to any place.

Create a Facebook group for your community, and then mention it on other local pages. I’m sure there are probably others locally who are searching for something similar.

Another, more old school, option, would be to put up posters on some community bulletin boards at places like your local library, or college, or the local witchy shop.


I don’t think so

I understand the block on recruiting and advertising, but is simply mentioning a gathering not allowed? Or is setting up a forum room for people want to hook up a bad idea?


Mentioning a gathering is not allowed because it would fit under the recruitment banner. Saying, “Hey, I’m part of this group down here in LA, so feel free to come on down,” may seem innocuous, but unfortunately, it is a recruitment tactic used to draw people in.

You can start a private group in PM if you wish, but you cannot actively seek to recruit people to join on the public forum. For example, there is a group for Spanish speakers that takes place in PM, that several members started, but it is not generally advertised,


Best I can recommend is facebook or meetups.

Over the Summer, around where I live, it’s not uncommon to see street venders selling metaphysical stuff. So, I know there’s a few practitioners around. But they’re mostly Wiccan.


I’d check into if there are any local orders of like OTA, Alexandrian witchcraft or the OTO near to you

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But that is not what I was suggesting. It was more along the lines of, “I live here, and if you live here, too, let’s hook up.” No group is being advertised.

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Not looking to join a group at all. (I’m very familiar with the OTA and the OTO, anyway, and witchcraft isn’t my thing.) I’m just looking for others of like mind in my area.


Then, yes, you can make a post asking if there is anyone in your area that would be interested in getting together.


I don’t want to state the obvious here or sound blunt (I’ve been told my texting tone is blunt, but I’m autistic so it is what it is). :grin:

Why don’t you use Magick to find them. :thinking:


Some folks just have feydar and can pick us out of a crowd.

Good question. The answer is because I want to exhaust normal physical means before wasting that kind of energy on it.

I just figured there’d be a listing somewhere, but I guess not.