How to find how powerful I am

I was just wondering if how to check my own power

any ritual I can do.

suggestions If you can help


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Well, you can use some kind of divination or you can simply ask a spirit you trust about that.

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Set your mind on a physical goal, like acquiring $50 or a pair of blue suede shoes, give yourself a reasonable time limit, and then be ready for them to come to you via normal routes.

Be normally active in ways that put you in the corridor for these things to come your way, and keep an eye out for them, also be ready to accept at first grey suede shoes, $45, etc.

Don’t reject that which isn’t quite up to spec because (I’ve found) it’s often an echo of the thing you want being on its way, and if you push it away, you’ll close down that string of events.

If you have them within that time limit, or sooner, you will know you can make reality deliver things as though you were operating in a daydream, which is to say, the world outside your mind has become as subject to your will as the world inside your mind.

Because you either have, or do not have, the item as proof, this is a fairer test than insights, which are the Monopoly money currency of magick (useless outside a specific and agreed-upon set of rules) such as fanciful ideas about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, or your place in it.

Those are not proof of power, they are distractions for idle minds, side-quests to keep you from completing the game.

if you can’t reliably manifest a new watch strap or gravy jug to come into your life rapidly and at a financial price or other exertion that’s effortlessly within your reach, your power is like credits on a video game that means nothing when needed in real life - which is to say, the life our manifest bodies are structured to inhabit, and master. :+1:

Anyone can attain staggering insights or engage in grand battles in the astral with just a little training, but very few people it seems can reliably summon up a material object, which isn’t subject to wishful thinking or ego-bloating notions of oneself as wise, under those terms of ease and rapidity that fit within the structure of this realm.