How to fill my vacancy with the void?

A demon attacked me and a buddy of mine said this.
There’s implicit permission that’s sort of a loophole these guys use, which essentially means a part of your spiritual body isn’t being inhabited. So because you have a vacancy, they can move in.

He also said the way I explained it sounds like a few possession cases he has performed.
He also said that the rest of my vacancy can be filled with the void!

Since spirit s the bit that does the inhabiting, how can part of spirit not be inhabited?

This is either very badly explained or it doesn’t make sense because your buddy doesn’t understand either - you have to be able to understand something thoroughly and be able to translate it into another persons paradigms, or explain your own framework in detail first to set the definitions and assumptions if you want to teach, and it doesn’t sound like your buddy did either of those.

If you think you have open permissions, why not do a ritual clearly revoking all such permissions?
Having hanging permissions and holes in the energy bodies aren’t the same thing.

Void meditations are a form of energy cultivation, I can’t see how that would help at all.

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I never said the void meditation will fill me with the void

Also what energy does void meditation give one

I’ve done my research on holes being in the spiritual body and I can definitely say that my spiritual body got messed up in the past

I think many here confuse the void with something else, you can’t fill a vacancy with the void.

Void meditation doesn’t give you any energy the void and void meditation are not the same thing. Void meditation is literally just clearing your mind to a void its “empty” and void of thoughts and such.

Alright, did he tell you how he thought you were going to do this, if it wasn’t by meditating?

Velenos is using a 3rd definition of void that is not what I meant.
By void I mean THE Void, the abyss, pre-heaven (ie pre-creation) qi, pure potential, primordial chaos, possibly ‘dark energy’. Not ‘void’ as in nothing.

I was explaining what void meditation is, the void in terms of energy is different from the Abyss, going by mythological means Khaos would be the void, Tartaros would be the abyss, Tiamat would be the void, Kur would be the abyss.

What I meant by how people use it here is that they use void and abyss interchangeable with one another or they call it “outer abyss” when they are quite different. Within the void exists all elemental energies, but dark energy is not what the void is, the void is void energy. The abyss would align more to dark energy than the void would (not that I believe the abyss is dark energy either but simple comparison.)

However, still I don’t believe one could simply fill themselves with it as void energy has a tendency to break down energies to assimilate it into itself, just as with the egyptian concept of the void when everything should return to the primordial waters(void) and I don’t think someone should just take in foreign energies without having some common sense grasp of what that energy may or may not do to them.

Do you mean the state of qi which isnt seperated to yin and yang? :thinking: I have probably a hole in my knowledge.

Yes quite. The tao :slight_smile: The one that became the two.

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Again, your definition of void is not mine.
You stated:

" Void meditation is literally just clearing your mind to a void its “empty” and void of thoughts and such."

This is not what I mean by void meditation.
I use Connor Kendall’s void meditation techniques which are rooted in EA Koetting system of magik.
In which you are drawing energy from the Abyss. Which is different again from void as the Tao, which is also possible, through making a heart connection with the tao, and is not the same as the void=empty definition.

No offense I don’t really care what your personal definition of void meditation is, I was speaking of the definition based on researching void meditation, normally when someone speaks of void meditation they usually aim for the one that speaks of clearing your mind of thoughts and controlling your thoughts.
I don’t really go by what Ea or Conner calls void meditation but again my comments are addressed to the OP not you. Only case it was is when I was correcting you on your quoting of my original comment.